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Phantom Streams as Proof Of Kinraide Photographs

Appearance of Kinraide's "Filiciform Discharge" from an electrograph I made in 2005

Original glass photograph of Kinraide's Filiciform Discharges

An inverted image of my photo

In their normal diffused state when produced by a Tesla Coil, Phantom streams appear as faint straight discharges moving perpendicular from the discharge electrode,
or the extents of spark or brush discharges (when present).   This electrograph was made with two charged wires from a bipolar Tesla Coil.
In their more refined state, Phantom Streams  appear as thick positive branches.  In the above photo there is a glimpse of the branches that I've now become quite familiar with.  
These branches match Kinraide's original glass plate negatives exactly in shape and appearance.  To the naked eye, they appear to be the same, but with high speed electrographs
such as this the exact appearance confirms this.

A high resolution scan of the original photo

The next step will be to decipher the meanings of the beautiful characteristics of these discharges.

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(C) Jeff Behary, 2010