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Thermalaide Prostate Warmer
From the collection of Frank Jones

Before accepted drugs, the enlarged prostate yielded to some extent by heat.  By heating the gland, the swelling was reduced and urine was
able to be passed.  Typically Diathermy was administered in a hospital setting.  This didn't stop the quacks from coming up with their
own "ideas" of solving the problem. They took full advantage of a serious problem, because the Victorian public was often too
embarrassed to seek medical help for problems of a "sensitive nature".  

Mail order catalogues boasted a simple solution in the privacy of your own home.  Thermalaide was one of several types of "Prostate Warmers".
Unfortunately, it required electricity to become effective.  Well, that was probably the least of its issues for many users...To "heat the prostate"
required the device to be...well..."positioned next to it".  I suppose it was less scary than a 50,000V high frequency electrode designed for
the same purpose...? ? ? ?

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010