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Leydencake!  A new experimental Pancake Coil,
Oil-Filled in a Glass Container

This time an unusual test.  You know the glass candle containers that are sold everywhere?  Home Goods, Kohl's, Target...
I got this one at a thrift store for $1.99.  Because I don't want to drill the glass, I've come up with a new solution to grounding the Tesla Coil.
Place aluminum foil on the inside of the glass like a leyden jar (only not a complete circle), and connect the outermost wire of the Pancake.  
Next, make a concentric foil for the outside of the jar, and ground the outer foil to the innermost turn of the primary!  Its like putting a .001 mfd cap
in series with earth for a Tesla Coil secondary.

Low power seems ok...

Turning up the power...

Oops.  Add some wax there...

Now its looking better...

Coil is around 7.5" OD.  ID 1.25".  Wound with 34 AWG wire and .001" paper interleaves 2" wide.

Discharge exceeds 11".

Approx actual size.

Coil is insulated in paraffin oil (bottom) and paraffin wax (above).  Tests were done with .032 - .112 mfd

Jeff Behary, 2010