The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2010 


Soon after the discovery by Professor Roentgen of the properties of the electric current with the Crookes tube and the possibilities of the x-ray force, Mr. William Scheidel, with a previous practical knowledge of induction apparatus acquired from the electric laboratories in Berlin, Germany, foresaw the commercial value of the discovery and immediately founded the W. Scheidel Coil Company, for the manufacture of apparatus for x-ray purposes. To Mr. Scheidel and his company, pioneers in this work, we owe much of the progress and evolution of the present perfected machines.

Since then, through various evolutions, the Scheidel-Western Company has come to be the "largest exclusive manufacturers of x-ray apparatus in the world."

So prominent a position in the business world was not obtained without energetic and intelligent effort. The medical profession, while constantly alive to progress and improvement, was not altogether willing to accept the x-ray as a scientific principle, and much less as a necessary office equipment. And finally, when the x-ray did gain recognition, it was the quacks and pseudo-doctors who used it to a marked extent, giving treatments right and left and doing an incalculable amount of mischief to the reputable members of the profession.

With such a handicap the William Scheidel Coil Company, located at 171 Randolph street, Chicago, found progress difficult. This was in 1901, and seven years later, August 6, 1907, the business was consolidated with that of the Western X-Ray Coil Company, an American organization which had started in 1903.

Good management has been the foundation of the substantial success of the Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company. But back of this was a determined and sincere resolution to produce only high grade goods. This resolution has been faithfully adhered to. At the

St. Louis exposition the Scheidel apparatus received a reward for excellence of product.

Later, after severe and exhaustive tests, the Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company equipment was standardized by the United States and Japanese governments, and is now in use in the army and navy hospitals of both countries.

The newest apparatus of this progressive concern embodies practically the sum total result of the electro-therapeutic knowledge up to the present moment.

The Scheidel-Western Combination X-Ray Coil and Oudin Resonator is a distinct and remarkable achievement. This apparatus combines practically a complete x-ray laboratory in itself, producing an infinite variety of currents—interrupted galvanic, low frequency, head breeze, high frequency, surging wave, autocondensation, violet ray and x-ray of high and low intensity. The radiographic work possible with this apparatus adds another important feature to its variety of uses. Some of the best and shortest exposed pictures have been taken with this type of apparatus.

The Scheidel-Western Radiographic Table No. 6 is another new production. Equipped with a movable diaphragm, which can be swung to one side when placing patient on table, it is available also for fluoroscopic work, affording operator complete immunity from the rays.

The Scheidel-Western Company manufacture everything electrical for the physician, and are now selling their products in all parts of the world.

The use of the x-ray apparatus has developed during the past decade. The 180,000 reputable physicians and surgeons throughout the country now give due recognition to the marvelous efficiency of the x-rays. The uncertainty and inefficiency of the old regime has given place to exact, skilled knowledge, made possible by the better understanding of these rays, and it is principally through the efforts of the Scheidel Western X-Ray Coil Company that so thorough a knowledge has come to the medical profession. For this concern has always carried on an educational campaign, spreading broadcast the result of careful, systematic research and diligent labor. Considerate always of the larger and broader interests of the profession, the Scheidel Western Company has at the same time achieved, for itself a permanent and well-deserved success.

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010