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Dr. Frederick Finch Strong Electrode Holder Reproduction
Originally used with Kinraide Coil and Strong-Ovington Apparatus

With a normal Tesla Coil discharge, this limits the voltage to the electrode but placing sparks in series...

However, when operated with special Pancake Coils (Kinraide's Jackson Coil, etc.) producing Phantom Streams they allow polarities of static
electricity to energize the tube.  This adds volumes of interest to high frequency experiments!

Concept works well for traditional Oudin Coil discharges too.

Note when the electrode is used the raise in voltage on the coil not used. 
In Bipolar treatments with both terminals used care must be taken as faradic effects can be felt when sparks are passing.
Induced discharge to my finger.

As power in increased, sparks start to pass. In this case, the coil to the left is producing a 4" spark, 3" between points and 1" from the electrode
to my hand.  Here the handle is limiting the voltage of the coil to me...

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010