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Powering a Oudin/Tesla Coil using an X-Ray Transformer, Part III
Do not attempt experiments on this page, it is extremely dangerous to casually experiment with voltages of this severity. 
The purpose of this page was simply to prove that it can be done.

Simple arrangement:  150kV X-Ray Transformer powered by half voltage (110V) for 75kV.  Series Spark Gap placed in parallel, 
set to around 5/8".  286 turn secondary coil.

For reference, coil form has 11" of winding, but is roughly 13" tall x 4.5" diameter.

The brush is whitish but not hot (though I admit I was standing far back!!)  Twisted ribbons classic of "quenched gap" apparatus.
This beautiful effect normally happens when a system is designed using a much higher voltage than the spark gap is discharging...
in other words, the frequency of the cap charging and discharging is very high.  (Nothing to do with the actual "resonant" frequency).

I was too afraid to get a decent shot from above...

Even nice on low power...

On low power the whole wire bristles with branches, like tinsel!

Strange museum visitor out front...

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010