The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Regarding Cancer and Tesla Coils

...There was once a field of electrotherapy from 1890s - 1930s that was very well-studied and understood.  The doctors and physicians published many experiments and cases with both positive and negative results, which get quite complicated...but most important - they generally were truthful (especially if they were real doctors and not simply people posing as doctors to sell products).

There was always a strong element of fraud from people taking advantage of ignorance in the general population.  Today with much interest in alternative medicine and distrust of medical communities (esp. in USA) rather than recreate the truthful elements of Tesla Coils in medicine only the fraud has prevailed with few exceptions.  This is unfortunate.  The same people who are complaining that the established medical fields here are not to be trusted are as much frauds themselves - perhaps worse, because many imply false cancer cures.  Perhaps they have no ethics at all.  I've seen it far too often...

Tesla Coils were used legitimately to treat specific things, but most important were used as surgical tools to remove cancer - it was invasive (electro-surgery), but resulted in less blood-loss than the scalpel and also Tesla currents cut and coagulate tissues reducing the spread of infection which was very important.  (Today lasers do this, and still Tesla currents are used).  Today people read that Tesla Coils were used to treat cancer, but mistakenly have the belief that you only sit next to a machine and are cured.  With extended periods, the opposite can happen - as with anything, nothing is harmless in excess...and most often authors here neglect to tell the complete story or history, only the parts which are convenient to publish for their own agendas...

I have found in my own vast experimentation both positive and negative results from Tesla Coils.
Recreating the works of Crookes and Rontgen are especially dangerous over time.
There are proven physiological effects of high frequency currents.  These effects can cause irreversible damage in untrained hands.

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010