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Inverse Discharge and Correct Discharge for Röntgen Tubes...
Many apologies are due for quick photos of tubes on this site with inverse discharge everywhere.  I typically would
snap quick photos using a Violet Ray to test tubes, just to see if the vacuum was intact or not.  This is no way to demonstrate
tubes.  Only a few of you know this really, and this page is for you!  Frank generously sent me something I've always wanted
but could never afford - an induction coil.  And with this coil, a small series spark gap to remove inverse currents,
and a small Pressler Tube you can see the bones of your hand in a  Patterson Fluoroscope using a 6V battery.  Without the
small gap, you see a shadow on the screen of your hand but all tissues remain opaque.  I tried around a 1/4" gap and suddenly
everything was perfect.





Thank You Frank!  Now I am going to document some tubes for real!

C) Jeff Behary, 2011