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Restored Kinraide Coil "Doing Its Job"

On 18. Feb 2012 (alone in the house) I used an 1898 Kinraide Coil to power a Victor High Frequency Tube using a minimum amount of power, around 100 watts.
Using a Patterson Fluoroscope, I saw the bones of my left forearm and hand with utmost clarity, with a faint shadow of the soft surrounding tissues,
at a distance of around 36" from the tube.  At 60", the bones of my hand were still visible but the forearm became a black shadow.

This experiment was foolish, careless, and dangerous.  The point however is valid:  This technology worked.  A century later, and history repeats
itself with modern high frequency X-Ray machines.  The origin is here.  This beautiful machine is more than a decoration.  More than a historical novelty.
It is an elegant functional invention - the first of its type - a portable high frequency X-Ray machine using solid insulation.

Here's to Thomas Burton Kinraide:  Living History!

(C) Jeff Behary , 2012