Bill and Boyana Terbo April 2015 Photos

I've attached several photos (of an accumulation of a hundred or more) for my closest friends and colleagues taken during our trip to Belgrade this past April. It was an exhausting month with dozens of press and TV interviews, personal appearances and including a separate trip to Novi Sad for another documentary. It is fine to share these photos, just advise me of to whom, thanks. As the closest living relation of Nikola Tesla and having the family responsibility for the care and protection of his ashes, I had detailed meetings with all parties who will have the responsibility for the possible expansion of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Included were planning discussions with President Nikolic, Patriarch Irinej, the Belgrade City Manager and Museum Director Jovanovic among others. Continuation of these efforts partially explains my reduced contact with U.S. contacts most recently. We were also able to participate in the Belgrade Premiere of Joseph Sikorski's new Wardenclyffe movie

Ashes of Nikola Tesla with last closest relative William Terbo, April 2015

Boyana Terbo, Belgrade, April 2015

Director Dr. Branimir Jovanovic at Tesla Museum, April 2015

Patriarch, Belgrade, Belgrade, April 2015

Tomislav Nikolic, President of Serbia, April 2015

William, Patriarch, Boyana, Belgrade April 2015

Jeff Behary