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20 Years and Countless Centuries...

The Electrotherapy Museum was formed in the mid 1990s by Jeff Behary, a dissident scientist and underground artist living in South Florida.  It closed in 2016 with over 180,000 original files and photos and over one million YouTube videos watched.  The website averaged over 7 million hits per year, and at the height of activity was referenced over 250,000 times on Google by various sources.   

Jeff and his museum were known around the world and his unusual private collection received over 100 visitors a year from around the world - mainly authors, research scientists, film and television crews, and fellow artists.  The average visitor would stay 4-6 hours and was catered with beer, alcohol, food, and entertainment - often until Midnight or later - and had the ability to witness first-hand various experiments, restorations, replications, and new scientific discoveries in an up-close and personally-catered manner.  

Jeff had a unique approach to history, medicine, and science:  namely, he didn't take political sides or money.  As a dissident he republished books which were banned, burned, or otherwise destroyed by various government and private agencies.  Many of the books he hand-bound personally and distributed in Samizdat fashion with efforts of educating the public using real history uncensored and as raw as possible.   Along the way he replicated many dangerous experiments, putting only himself at risk to document first-hand  the sides of history no one dared to witness in centuries.  This made him both famous and infamous around the globe and embraced in very elite circles of scientists, curators, government agencies, film producers, and surviving families of famous inventors.

In the scientific community Jeff replicated work with electrical discharges that  stands alone in the world today.  He developed special coil winding techniques and with an intricate combination of both mechanical and electrical engineering was able to recreate diverse forms of electricity that cannot be witnessed elsewhere but in his laboratory.  This work attracted the attention of top Geophysicists and Lightning experts in the US.  

His personal knowledge of antique electrical apparatus extends to well over 500 machines.  He restored the oldest X-Ray apparatus in the US and in 2004 discovered the oldest high frequency coils made in the US in 1897.  His collection includes over 6000 hand-drawn blueprints from the 1920s and 30s and the world's largest collection of electrographs made by X-Ray pioneer Thomas Burton Kinraide.

Jeff never charged admission for his museum and did all of the work outside of a normal day job at a considerable expense.  He received generous donations from collectors and enthusiasts around the world and expresses his sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone who made it possible.  He is now enjoying a quiet life outside of the public eye and wishes to pursue other interests.

His last acquisition was a personal scrapbook of electrotherapy pioneer Frederick Finch Strong.  It was Frederick's book High Frequency Currents that inspired Jeff to open a museum, and the same book led him on a 10-year treasure hunt involving electrical pioneer Thomas Burton Kinraide.  It combines many topics that Jeff was well-versed in over the years - even quite personally in connection with these two individuals - electricity, radiation, time, telepathy, spiritualism, and various aspects of the occult.

Check out below to see some TV shows and movies featuring Jeff Behary and the Electrotherapy Museum from around the world!

  Opening of X-RA*DI*ANCE Art exhibit at Linda Matney Gallery, Williamsburg VA  

  Michael Krause's film "All About Tesla:  The Movie" (Germany)  

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  Wenneker TV's "Struck By Lightning" (Holland)  
  Various episodes of "Strangest Weather On Earth 2", Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, Channel 4 (UK)  
  ABC's Forever  
  History Channel's Modern Marvels  
  Left: Gift from Czech President Vaclav Havel.  Right:  Gift from William Terbo, Nikola Tesla's closest relative.  
  Public Acheivements  

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Art Exhibits:
Linda Matney Gallery X-RA*DI*ANCE, Curated by Lita Tirak, Williamsburg VA, 2013
Public Lectures published on DVD:
 The Quest For Kinraide, Long Island, NY, 2011
 History of High Frequency Coils in Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
  Real History Of Electrotherapy, Seattle, WA, 2007
  150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla, Long Island, NY, 2006
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