About Me

Lived 12 years in Pittsburgh and the remaining in Palm Beach with random adventures across the US, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, and other places.

Have two awesome kids, Madeline and Julian...and a cat named Termite.

My interests include research and development, history, science, medicine, gardening, traveling, and languages.
I was a machinist and computer programmer for the past 25 years.

I always wanted to be an artist, but that never worked out.  But it didn't keep me from trying.

I've published over 100,000 pages and been in numerous books, magazines, television shows, and films.

The last few years of life have been spent relaxing with friends...something I never made time for previously in life.

If I have one recurring theme in life, it is to pursue what inspires me.  Every dream I've had, I've accomplished. I think
the only thing that stops people from living their dreams most often is just a fear of trying.

Click here to see in interview with Jeff Behary

Youtube movie:  Nikola Tesla System Of Lighting
A quick film of some lamps I created replicating the work of Nikola Tesla.
Unlike normal neon lamps, these bulbs contain no inert gases - they have only partial vacuums inside.
Some have two wires, others have one wire, and others are powered wirelessly.

Youtube movie:  Nikola Tesla System Of Wireless Lighting
I made these lamps to demonstrate wireless electricity.
The principle was introduced by Nikola Tesla in 1892 as a novel way of lighting lamps without wires.
I used a similar principle in the development of a new form of lamp contained in my first patent:

Youtube video:  Museum of Electrotherapy
Over two hour interview made by Clive de Carle in England

Excerpt from Travel Channel's Mysteries At The Museum:  Keely Hoax

Youtube:  Jeff and Astrid "Carve" Pumpkins using electricity

Youtube:  Quest For Kinraide
Short documentary I made on the restoring the oldest X-Ray machine in the US

Youtube:  RGF Christmas, and a fun way to light the Christmas tree...

Youtube:  All about Tesla documentary from Germany, excerpt.

NHK Documentary Giants Of The Light And Shadow:  Tesla v Edison

Youtube:  The Hanovia "Alpine Sunlamp"

Youtube:  Mondays with Jeff:  UV and X-Rays

Youtube:  Snovonne Freezing Skin
Video shot in my former home in historic Northwood with my ol' buddy Sno

Somewhere Out There:  Canadian TV pilot, excerpt.

Youtube:  Mondays with Jeff:  Edward Ritchie's Compass and Induction Coil

Youtube:  Monday's with Jeff:  Predecessor's to the Quartz Lamp

Youtube:  Monday's with Jeff:  Making a lamp using a vacuum pump

Youtube:  Jon Z and El Mayor Classico Electricidad.  I brought the electrical props...

Youtube:  Jeff and Astrid introduce the Electro-Mechanical Museum to WPBF

Youtube:  OSHA VIP and Lead Electrical Instructor John "Grizzy"
and Jeff Behary demonstrate electricity at the opening of Jeff's art exhibit

Youtube:  Madeline and I

Youtube:  Madeline and I painting roses, ca. 2012...

1920s bank vault door I rescued and fully restored.  It weighed over 5000 pounds.


My hand as seen in a 1920s fluoroscope using an 1896 X-Ray tube from Germany

Art in the form of reflections of liquid mercury in a Styrofoam coffee cup.

X-RA*DI*ANCE Art Exhibit, thanks to Lita Tirak.

Original Kinraide Coil, left:  One of my replicas, right.

Metal casting + electricity fun.

Pricess moment, John Cleese, Astrid, and her Holy Grail

A molten sea creature I made from beer bottles

Colour-changing vodka.  It changes from blue to pink when you add citrus.

President Václav Havel, poet Pavel Zajíček of DG 307
Some of my youngest inspirations were dissident artists of Prague.  Today I am fortunate to have spent time with many of them.

Bumi, Michele, Sarka

John Grizzy, museum curator and OSHA VIP lead instructor

The lovely Eva Turnová of Plastic People Of The Universe, DG 307, Eturnity.
She is an amazing artist, singer, author, and bass player from Prague.
I have one of her paintings hanging in my cottage.

Joe Carnation, awesome guitar player and singer from Prague, Plastic People Of The Universe, JCB, Garage, and many others...
Joe is a great guy.  Here we were hanging out in Toronto.  The menus are made from vinyls!

Snovonne, one of the most talented artists I know.

Her latest album has some art from the museum...

Kelly and Frank.  Frank was my #1 competitor turned best friend...Kelly is a new historian on the scene.

One of my favourite books.

RIP Mejla (13 years) and Io (17 years).  Termite is still around, being a Termite...

Meatfest, our local Pagan holiday

Salty Dogs Clint and Sam and Ace

Flo and Nicole one random day at Petanque

Amanda, Khaled, Gato, and crew...

Julian and Madeline

My closest friend, Astrid.  The most beautiful girl on Earth!

Troublemakers in Las Vegas Neon Museum

My partner in crime saving priceless history our whole lives

Typical day moving pole transformers

S FL Science Center and Aquarium


Artist friends locally in Northwood

Craig and Renata, the most talented visual artists I know

Life is better with tiny trash pandas.

Pétanque is our jam!  The greatest bar in Palm Beach.

Cat nip.

Friends in the roaring 20s.  Pandemics and great depressions included.

  Public Acheivements


BBC Future "Why Victorians Electrocuted Themselves" / "The strange Victorian fashion of self-electrification", David Robson,   2017
Snovonne "Sno" Drake "The Child And The Bitch Chronicles (1984-2014)" (Materials for artwork and new music videos)    2017
Museum Curator / Research & Development for RGF Environmental Group, Inc.    2016

Television Programmes:
American Genius, National Geographic/Stephen David Productions (USA), 2015
Forever, ABC/Time Warner (USA), 2014
Strangest Weather On Earth Series II, Weather Channel (USA) Channel 4 (UK), 2014
American Restoration, History Channel (USA), 2014
American Pickers, History Channel (USA), 2014
Strangest Weather On Earth, Weather Channel (USA) Channel 4 (UK), 2013
Mysteries At The Museum 2, Travel Channel (USA), 2012
Giants Of The Light And Shadow, NHK TV (Japan), 2010
Modern Marvels “Mad Electricity”, History Channel (USA), 2008
Somewhere Out There, Pilot Episode, Toronto (Canada), 2007
Disinformation TV (RIP Adam Parfrey, we were promoting his book Apocalypse Culture II), (UK), 2001

Movies / Films:
Struck By Lightning, Wenneker TV (Netherlands), 2012
All About Tesla: The Research, Maxim Films (Germany), 2007
Miracle Events Unbelievable, Fuji Film, (Japan), 2003

Music Video:

Electricidad, Flybry Productions, Jon Z. and El Mayor Clasico, (North and South America), 2019
Snowhite (Freezing Skin), Snovonne (Slovakia, USA), 2013
"Making Of..." Snowhite Video, Snovonne (Slovakia, USA) 2013

Tesla Motor, Tesla Coils, and Edison Lamp Factory  for National Geographic's American Genius Miniseries
Victorian Doctor's Office and Traveling Salesman Table for ABC/Time Warner's Forever
Frankenstein Props/Replicas, and actual Kenneth Strickfaden relics for John "Grizzy" Grzywacz OSHA Lead Instructor

Book References:
Worldwide list of Dissident Scientists, Jean de Climont, 2016
Lebensdaten: verdienter Persönlichkeiten in den ersten Jahrzehnten der Röntgenologie, Gerhard Kütterer, 2015
 Capacity for Murder, Bernadette Pajer, Poised Pen Press, 2013
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Quack! Tales of Medical Fraud, Bob McCoy, Santa Monica Press, 2001
Bayonne Passenges, Kathleen M.  Middleton, 1999
Apocalypse Culture II, Adam Parfrey, Feral House Publishing, 1999
(Thanks to Adam for my first "gig" promoting his book)

Dissertation/Thesis Assistance:
Life in the Open Air: The Persistence of Outdoor Air Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in America from the Industrial Revolution to the 1950s, Tara Darlene Mastrangelo, James Madison University, 2011
The Rhetoric of Hysteria in the U.S., 1830--1930: Suffragists, Sirens, Psychoses, Georgianna Oakley Miller, 2009
Countless others, apologies to everyone I forgot!

Magazines and Periodicals:
New Glass Review 37, Corning Museum Of Glass, 2016
Palm Beach Senior/Boomer, Cover story, November 2012
Colors (Italy), 2012
Aunt Minnie Radiology News (Worldwide Web), 2011
Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (USA, Canada), 2010
Revolver, Archiv für Aktuelle Kunst, 2004
Flyer Magazine (UK), 2002
Sail Magazine (USA), 2002

Art Exhibits:
Linda Matney Gallery X-RA*DI*ANCE, Curated by Lita Tirak, Williamsburg VA, 2013
Lida Matney Gallery, X-RA*DI*ANCE Revisited, Williamsburg VA, 2016

Public Lectures published on DVD:
 The Quest For Kinraide, Long Island, NY, 2011
 History of High Frequency Coils in Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
  Real History Of Electrotherapy, Seattle, WA, 2007
  150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla, Long Island, NY, 2006
 Redefining Tesla Technologies, Salt Lake City, UT, 2005
 Turn Of The Century Discoveries, Washington DC , 2004

Radio Interview:
  “Questions Questions”, BBC Radio (United Kingdom), 2005

Historical Accomplishments:
Documented and restored over 500 Antique medical and electrical machines, 1996-2016
Reinvented the technique of winding flat "Pancake" style Tesla Coils, 2001-2016
Collaborated closely with the Tesla Family 2005-2016
Drove $30,000 worth of rare Tesla apparatus to Tesla Museum & Science Center at Wardenclyffe from Frank Jones Collection, 2016
Restored original Kinraide X-Ray machine for the Kinraide family, 2010
Found the home of X-Ray and high frequency pioneer and Thomas Burton Kinraide.  Recovered the world's oldest Tesla Coils (1896-1899), 2005
Developed the Binary Tuning Condenser for tuning High Frequency Coils, 2004