(Or something pretending to be)
I've done over 600 paintings.  Here are a few...
...with some other creations mixed in.

Belinda's Right Eye (5-panel Canvas, oil and epoxy resin with copper metal and carbon)

Belinda, acrylic and oil on canvas




Body Piercing Sculpture (Lost or Stolen on New Years Day 2018 in The Butcher Shop Beer Garden)

The hands of Astrid von Oetinger

Astrid with Porcupine Earrings.  My favourite piece of art, from over 500 paintings I've done since 1986.

The amazing Amanda Carr

Amanda, Version 2

Sultry Samurai, the lovely Mermaid Sam painted in stages...

Amanda, Painted in stages on wood

Sam, painted in stages on wood

Amanda, Variation 2 on Canvas

Astrid's Eyes (on wood)

Dark Angel in the rain, SunFest 2019

Astrid The Cigar Bar Fairy Version II

Art Decade

Astrid by the Sea

Art Deco

Astrid the Victorian Steampunk Cigar Bar Fairy


Fractal Painting

Fractal Painting with Inks

Astrid, Copper Plate Halftone

Amanda, Copper Plate Halftone

Frank Delle from Seeed

Peter  Fox from Seeed

Pig Slaugther for Meatfest

David Bowie

Smoke Photography

Sketches of smoke on glass

Dandy Lion


Copper Cubism

Autumn Birch Trees for Michelle Stewart

Apocalyptical Ruins

Palm for Samantha Dishman

Wave for Clinton Cimring

Tendrils for Freddy Hennevelt

Snow for Sergei

Transmission for Sergei

Thomas Burton Kinraide and Kinraide Coil

Whisker Dog for the incredible Lioness, Nicole Raimondi

Ace for Samantha the "Sultry Samurai" and Clinton from Salty Dog Paddle

Seascape for Gail Moore

Sunset for Eva Turnova

Magical City, Burned Down (Inspired by Czech poet Pavel Zajíček and Nicole Raimondi)

Tree Between Thought And Reality, Escaping - For Ciprian Timbal

Dark Priest, for Snovonne Drake and Eric Koondel

Jamaica Sunset for Stanley McDermot


Mountain Mist

Seascape for Wil

Trees in Sunset

Roses, Painted with Madeline

Homemade Wireless Uranium Oxide Lamps, my best example in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Tesla Wireless Lamp Art

Sculpture, The Kiss Of Death.  From a series of sculptures made of special blends of highly toxic metals.

Kisses of Death

Lightning struck Wood Art

Glass Plasma Creations - Art Lamps

Electrographs made by Jeff Behary.  A sampling of over 500 made.

Endless thanks to my beautiful friends Astrid von Oetinger, Amanda Carr, and Samantha Dishman for allowing me to make art of them.