Medical and Scientific Apparatus

Museum fun with Lauren (Thanks to Keith for the photo!)

Not your every day museum.  My daughter Madeline charged with static electricity.

Astrid and our Brasilian friends!

Tesla Coils

Lauren "Cheeky Belly"

The  lovely Amanda

Oddities and Eccentricities 

Static Electric Generators dating back to Benjamin Franklin

The lovely Renata.  Her and her husband Craig are two of the greatest artists in South Florida!

Our local Flamenco dancer Lorena

Arcs and Sparks

Static Hair:  Sam

Beautiful Astrid, on the front page of BBC!

Static Hair, Astrid

Static Hair, J.


Static Hair, Madeline


Static Hair, Amanda

Museum dog, Mejla

Kinraide Coils

Keely Motor

Wireless Lighting

Earliest UV bulbs and Induction Coils

200 years of Static

Pioneering Apparatus

Things which cannot be seen elsewhere

One million volts


Static hair, an eager visitor to RGF...

Crookes and Geissler Tubes

150 Shades of Grey

The former "Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum" has moved to an exciting new location:  RGF Environmental Group's Electro-Mechanical Museum.

RGF Environmental Group is an exciting company that manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 30+ year history of providing the world with the safest air,
water and food without the use of chemicals.  The origins of the technologies used at RGF can be found in many of the pieces of this collection.

This Frank S Betz Static Electric Machine is the largest machine of its type and is fully functional at RGF.

Besides generated over 250,000V, it can make your hair stand on end... as we did here for the cover of

There is also the McIntosh Hogan, a Tesla Coil made famous in the Frankenstein films.

This machine can light lamps without wires...

Or by conducting electricity through the human body...

Or even to blow up pumpkins on Halloween, as we did live on the local news. 

RGF often showcases the machines at the local South Florida Science Center & Aquarium

The Electro-Mechanical Museum has some of the oldest UV lights in the world...and we know how to safely operate them.

There are static electric machines from the 1700s...

Some of the machines are from around the world...this one is from France.

And some of the earliest electrical machines Made in the USA...

This machine was found in a barn outside of Philadelphia.  It could have been owned by Benjamin Franklin or Joseph Priestley...two of the most important figures in the 1700s...

This machine was made by the optician that made Thomas Jefferson's eyeglasses. 

There are rare spark photos by Thomas Burton Kinraide

The earliest prototype UV bulbs from the early 1900s

Electrical meters, patents, blueprints...

One of the oldest fluorescent lamps still in the original shipping crate from the famous Cooper Hewitt company

The world's oldest Tesla Coils from Tesla contemporary Thomas Burton Kinraide

The oldest American-made spark coil from Edward Samuel Ritchie

Static Electric Machines, Leyden Jars, Induction Coils

Magneto Electric Civil War Shocker

The infamous Revigator Radioactive Water Purifier

Rare X-Ray tubes

Crookes and Geissler Tubes

An original Edison vs. Tesla "Battle Of The Currents" Stopper Lamp from the 1893 Columbia Exposition

The Sunkraft Ultraviolet Lamp, a lamp that operates without wires...

The earliest AC electrical meters from Westinghouse

There is the last known photograph of the infamous "Keely Motor", one of the greatest American mysteries

And the unpublished truth on how it really worked...a secret worth over $5 million in 1898.  (Over $100 million dollars today)

There is a painting made with 2 million volts from Star Trek artist Dave Archer

An original lecture by Nikola Tesla

Rare newspaper clippings and books

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