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(More than 100,000 photos)

A few random documents of what appears to be facts about the COVID-19 Coronavirus, loosely translated into English (80 pages)

I have been actively following and documenting cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus since the beginning of 2020.  I even wrote a 93-page patent recently for a completely new technology designed to
open new fields of research into destroying the DNA of bacteria and inactivating viruses with wavelengths of UV never utilized and combined before.  I have yet to see really accurate information online.  This document contains a few articles from the Chinese CDC loosely translated... without getting into politics, I think they contain valuable information in general about how the Chinese government was informing its citizens and healthcare workers how to cope with the virus.  I've said from the beginning this was something I worried about day and night.  I don't think people are taking it seriously enough...be careful folks!

Insight into the spectral output of  UV sources manufactured from the 1800s - early 1900s. (31 pages)

A short article I wrote on the invisible wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation produced by many several dozen unique historical machines in my collection.

The Carola Yacht Archives, Volume I and II of WWII Expedition off the coast of South America for the US Navy (Confidential)

These books were given to me in a box of materials containing the life of Carola Mandel, a Cuban model from Chicago in the 30s-50s who took up Skeet Shooting.
Within a few years she became world-champion, winning over 500 cups and 80 gold metals.  Her husband Leon owned a department store Mandel Brothers and a large
yacht he named after his wife, Carola.  They went  on secret missions charting the coast of South America for the US Navy.  These books show their work in documenting the islands,
the people, and even Nazi ships that were taken over.  Carola retired in Palm Beach after her husband died and had no children.  A local friend in Northwood Inge who owns Stone Button Studio
sold me the box of memorabilia that included these books, over 1000 photos and negatives, original magazines, 16mm films, and original vinyl recordings containing interviews of the Mandels.
I offered to loan the items to several historical societies as well as the Skeet Shooting museum, NRA museum, etc. and there was no interest.  I'd still like to display the items somewhere if possible.

Electrical Discharges in a vacuum:  A series of Crookes, Geissler,
Mercury Vapour, and X-Ray Tubes. (92 pages)

A look at some of the unique vacuum discharges from my collection from the late 1800s-early 1900s, photographed in operation.

Visible spectrum lines of various gas discharge tubes (28 pages)

A look at gas discharge tubes visible spectrums.

In Quest Of Kinraide (X-Ray Pioneer, Electrical Photography, Inventor) (5020 pages)

X-Ray pioneer and electrical inventor Thomas Burton Kinraide.  I spent over 25 years documenting his life and work and replicating aspects of it, here are some of the resource materials.

A selection of 11x17 Blueprints from the H.G. Fischer Company (Tesla, X-Ray, Medical) (1427 pages)

When the oldest X-Ray company in the US went out of business, they offered me their archive after several larger more official medical museums refused them.  I am proud to protect them.
Here are some examples of more than 6000 blueprints that they sent me.

Dr. Frederick Finch Strong Scrapbook
 (Tesla Coils, High Frequency Currents, Electrotherapy, Occult) (870 pages)

Dr. Frederick Finch Strong was a pioneer in the medical use of high frequency currents.  He developed machines early on that formed an entire field of exploration from the 1900s-1950s, including high frequency apparatus to lower blood pressure.  His inventions are still used in various fields today.  Like many early pioneers, he had a curious interest in the occult, psychic phenomena, and religion/spiritualism.  This scrapbook is a unique testament of his life.  He was friends with X-Ray pioneer Thomas Burton Kinraide.  He worked with the first air-mail pilot Earle Ovington.  He was friends with Kenneth Strickfaden, the man who created the marvelous machines in the original Frankenstein movies.  

William C. Wysock (Bill Wysock) Tesla Coiling Scrapbook
Tesla Technology Research (781 pages in 2 sections)

Bill was my mentor and one of the inspirations for forming my museum in the mid 1990s.  He created artificial lighting machines and the largest Tesla Coils in the world for Hollywood.  He was a pioneering engineer for Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles and life-long friend.  He also was an early record master for many famous musicians in the 1960s and 70s.  This scrapbook was his, and is contained in my friend and colleague John's collection.  I photographed it page by page one day on vacation in Las Vegas.

Unpublished Letters to The Electrotherapy Museum
from the Tesla family, Leland Andersen, Harry Goldman, etc. (691 pages)

I was one of the family historians to the Nikola Tesla family, as well as trusted friends Leland Andersen, the Corum brothers, Jim Hardesty, and Harry Goldman.
I am honored to have been friends with all of them.  The last blood relative of the Tesla family died recently, William Terbo.  This book contains some of our correspondences.

Carola Mandel Archive Snippet (Fashion model, Gold medal shooting champion) (59 pages)

A quick peek at some of the photos from the Carola Mandel archive.

A selection of reference materials from the Frank Jones collection (15,622 pages)

Some books from the collection of my close friend and collaborator Frank Jones.

Electrotherapy Museum Archive - Table Of Contents (475 Pages)

A look at the indexes to the former Electrotherapy Museum, my collection when it was contained in my former home in West Palm Beach.
The remaining books contain over 100,000 pages of images, documents, and machines I published over the years.  

Index File of Photographs from the Electrotherapy Museum Archives below (2141 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum Library (1996-2003) (4390 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum Photos (1996-2003) (275 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum Archive 2005 (2389 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum Archive 2006 (1151 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2007 (4406 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2008 (2264 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2009 (2507 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2010 (3592 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2011 (6052 pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2012 (3830 Pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2013 (2353 Pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2014 (1154 Pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2015 (1062 Pages)

Electrotherapy Museum 2016 (1247 Pages)

Electrotherapy Museum (Frank and Jeff Drive Cross-Country) (560 Pages)

Electrotherapy Museum End (2016-2019) (270 Pages)

77 Books from the Frank Jones Collection

Hanovia Quartz Lamps

The Quartz Lamp

On Ozone - Professor Schönbein (1845)

Various Sunlamp Catalogues

Burdick Ultraviolet Lamps

H.G. Fischer Corporation Phototherapy Blueprints

Ultraviolet and Actinotherapy References


Technique Handbook on Quartz Light Therapy

Therapeutic Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation

Gas Spectrum Tubes Photographed

Lord Armstrong:  Electric Movement In Air And Water

Lord Armstrong:  On A Multiple Induction Machine

3 Volumes:  Peder Olaf Pedersen:  On The Lightenberg Figures

Aparato Portatil de Rayos X Sanchez

Instrucciones del Aparato Generador de Rayos X Sanchez

Dr Eugene Corson:  Some Unpublished Letters of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Sir William Crookes:  Researches In Spiritualism

Electrotherapy photos from the National Museum of Health

Elihu Thomson Papers on John Worrel Keely, Thomas Burton Kinraide, and Frederick Finch Strong
in response to "Who invented the Tesla Coil?"

Campbell Brothers / Campbell Electric Archive - Lynn, Mass.

Violet Ray Manual Collection