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Campbell Electric Archive
Campbell Brothers Biography
Photographs from Campbell Electric Company!
Ad for Campbell Coil
Model I High Frequency Coil
and X-Ray and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Restored Campbell Model D Portable  High Frequency X-Ray Coil
Campbell D Spark Photos
Frank's Small Campbell X-Ray / High Frequency Coil

Frank made the cords and the dischargers...and that discharge
is on the LOWEST power setting!!
Jeff and Rita's Campbell E
Frank and Shari's Campbell E
Campbell Model D
Campbell D Pancake Coil
Campbell Model D Coil - Arrival Photos
Campbell Model D Discharge Photos
Campbell Portable Bipolar Tesla Coil
Campbell Portable Single Pole High Frequency Coil
Ornate Campbell High Frequency Coil
Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Electrical Transformer
Spark Gap
Campbell Model "E" Coil
Campbell Model "D" Coil
Campbell "Auto-Pad" For Auto-Condensation, Auto-Conduction, and Auto-Induction
Campbell Dental X-Ray Tube Holder
Campbell Coolidge Clinic X-Ray Unit
Campbell "Clinix" X-Ray Unit
Campbell Price List April 1, 1920
Campbell Price List September 1, 1920
Campbell Practical Electro-therapeutics
Campbell Electric X-Ray And High Frequency Apparatus
Campbell X-Ray And High Frequency Apparatus
For Physicians - Hospitals - Dentists - Industrial Purposes
Campbell X-Ray And High Frequency Apparatus
Campbell Bros. Lynn Mass.
Campbell "Clinette" X-Ray Unit
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