H. G. Fischer Company
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 Nearly 100 years:  The H. G. Fischer Museum Archive

The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum H. G. Fischer Archive is dedicated to the family and former staff of H. G. Fischer.

Many Thanks to Scott MacLaughlin of Fischer Imaging for allowing us the opportunity to
acquire the official company archive.  It is our honor to preserve it.

Many Thanks to fellow collector Frank Jones for sharing his own archive of Fischer machines, books, and materials.

Floor Model

Antique Machines
Books Instruction

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Historical Items:  
A Brief Outline:  The History Of  H. G. Fischer Corp.
H. G. Fischer 3D Sales Slides:
Frank found an amazing piece of history...
Its like being there at Fischer 50 years ago!
A. S. Aloe Company Archive - Employee Photos
I wonder which of them were afraid of the "Lightning"?
Floor Model Machines
from Fischer Imaging
Archive, ca. 1930s
Fischer Low Voltage Generator

Movie: In Operation
Fischer Dental "Shockproof" X-Ray Machine
Fischer 3kW Interrupter-less X-Ray Machine

Flaming Arcs from Fischer Type 2 X-Ray Machine - Highly Dangerous!

Flaming Arc Stills

Movie:  Low Power
Movie:  Medium Power
Movie:  High Power
Movie:  Synchronous Rectifier
Fischer "SW-12" Short Wave 12 Meter Diathermy Machine
Fischer X-Ray Tube Holder / Stand
Fischer Short Wave Diathermy Machine
Fischer Diathermy, Chapman, and Fulgeration, and other Electrodes
Morse Wave Generator
Fischer X-Ray Power Supply
Weston / Keleket (Kelly-Koett) Meter
Moving a Monster:  Closeup Photos Outdoors of
an H. G.  Fischer Interrupterless X-Ray Machine
Antique Machines:  
 Feature Exhibition: Fischer Cenco Unit
 Feature Exhibition: Fischer Dental Unit
Feature Exhibition: Fischer Model D
Feature Exhibition: Fischer Type G
Feature Exhibition: Fischer Violet Rays
Fischer X-Ray Coil, Before Restoration
Fischer X-Ray Coil Details
H. G. Fischer Company Gallery
H. G. Fischer Color Scale  
Frank S. Betz Gallery
Thompson Plaster Gallery
Thompson Plaster Coil Restoration
Fischer Kolischer Spark Gap
H. G. Fischer Color Scale  
Distributor's Machines:  
Historical fact:  While Fischer made custom machines for other manufacturers, it is interesting to note that Thompson
Plaster is the only company publicly mentioned in their catalogs.  It is interesting to note that on April 1, 1916 Herman
G. Fischer and Hugh A. Thompson filed for a Ventilated Spark Gap patent together, the rights were 50:50.

What was the mysterious connection?

We learned from the Fischer family just recently that Thompson was Fischer's cousin!  Even more interesting, is that near
relative Bill Thompson was the famous voice actor for '30s radio characters and later MGM's "Droopy Dog"...
Amos Cato Gallery
Aloe Portable Diathermy Machine - 3 Gap
Frank S. Betz 1910 Apparatus
Here is a different variation of the 1910 High Frequency Ozone Apparatus.  These things produce a mean spark!
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine
 A. S. Aloe Company Gallery
 Aloe Lightning Photos
 A.S. Aloe Single Pole Electrotherapeutic Cabinet
 Betzco Quadramode Violet Ray
 Frank S Betz Pancake Coil
 Frank S Betz X-Ray Machine
Virtual Machines  
Aloe Lightning Single Pole Electrotherapeutic Cabinet
Diathermy Machine Spark Gap
Eight-Series Fischer Kolischer Spark Gap
Virtual Reproduction Thompson Plaster Spark Gap
Reproduction Thompson Plaster Spark Gaps
These gaps are unique in that they are stationary, yet adjustable through the use of a sliding arm that short circuits the number of gaps not wanted in the circuit.  They are ideal for voltages from 3,500 - 25,000V or more.
Movies &
Operational Photos
Fischer X-Ray Coil Discharges

A. S. Aloe "Lightning" Electrotherapeutic Cabinet

Coagulation of Tissue with Bipolar Diathermy
Surgical Diathermy - Medium Voltage
Noble M. Eberhart's Localizer for Diathermy
Frank. S. Betz Quadramode
H. G. Fischer Violet Ray Type M
H. G. Fischer Diathermy Machine
Fischer Interrupterless  Low Power
Fischer Interrupterless  Medium Power
Fischer Interrupterless High Power
Fischer Interrupterless Synchronous Rectifier
Diathermy Therapy by H. G. Fischer  
Diathermy Simplified by H. G. Fischer  
H. G. Fischer Research Dept.
Ogden - Treatment Of Hemorrhoids  By Galvanism
Dr. Howard Plank Actinctotherapy And Allied Physical Therapy /
Diathermy Hyperpyrexia Electrodes
Electro-Therapeutics With The Morse Wave Generator
Frederick H. Morse
The Galvanic Current And Low Voltage Wave Currents In
Physical Therapy
Signed by Frederick H. Morse.  Written by Morse and Betton.
Low Volt Currents Of Physiotherapy
Frederick H. Morse
Electro-Therapy in the Abstract:
Thompson Plaster Editions
Frank struck gold with these two books.  These machines were all manufactured by H. G. Fischer.
H. G. Fischer Catalogues
A collection of rare booklets and catalogues from the archives
of H. G. Fischer.
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapeutic And X-Ray Supplies And Accessories
1926 Catalogue
H. G. Fischer & Co. Chicago, Ill.
Catalog Of Electro - Surgical - Medical - Equipment
Accessories And Supplies - Number 36 - 1939-40
H. G. Fischer - Shockproof X-Ray Catalogue
HG Fischer Accessories (Diathermy, Physiotherapy)
H. G. Fischer - Fischer Accessories
Fischer Abstracts Of Galvanic and Contractile Currents Therapy
Fischer Universal Low Voltage Generator
Model J Operating Instructions
Fischer Low Voltage Technic For Model J
Fischer Senior FO / LO Operating Instructions

Fischer FO / LO Instructions for Motor / Pump
Brief Resume Of Diathermy And Light Therapy
Fischer Cherry Cervical Electrode Instructions
H. G. Fischer - Type "FO" Therapeutic Cabinet
H. G. Fischer - Type FO & LO Electrotherapeutic Treatment Outfits
Installing And Operating Instructions for the Fischer
Portable Diathermy Apparatus Types "G" and "GP"
Installing And Operating Instructions for the Fischer
Portable Diathermy Apparatus Types "G2" and "GP2"
Installing And Operating Instructions for the Fischer
Portable Diathermy Apparatus Type "G3"
Fischer SW-12 Instructions
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet

Many thanks to the Kincaids for this booklet!
H. G. Fischer - Motor And Pump Instructions
H. G. Fischer / Thompson Plaster Eurisco Instructions
H. G. Fischer G2 Diathermy Instructions  
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray  
H. G. Fischer Model J Violet Ray  
H. G. Fischer - Simplified Manual Of X-Ray Technic
H. G. Fischer - Ultrasonics / Ultrasonic Generator
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Therapy
Compiled from recent literature (1953)

H. G. Fischer Combined Galvanic Sinusoidal Currents
H. G. Fischer - The Continuous Current
H. G. Fischer - Explanation Of The Electro-Diagnosis Charts
H. G. Fischer - DSP-20 Shockproof X-Ray Machine
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Instructions, Letter from VP Peter Musket
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine Manual
Frank S. Betz "Betzco" Twin Pole Cabinet
Frank S. Betz became Betzco; Betzco was absorbed by A. S. Aloe; H. G. Fischer made all of their machines...?!
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapy Conference
Drake Hotel, Chicago, Oct. 12 - 16
Indications For Diathermy Abstracts And Digests From
Recent Literature

These manuals are from the collection of YiWen.  Many Thanks for
sharing such hard to find documents!
H. G. Fischer "Fischer's Magazines"
Here are records of many authentic uses of
Tesla Coils in electrotherapeutics and surgery. 

31 Original Issues from the H. G. Fischer archives!
Fischer's Magazine - 1923
Fischer's Magazine - 1924
H. G. Fischer Magazine Feb 1926
H. G. Fischer Magazine Sept 1924
H. G. Fischer Blueprints:
A partial archive listing of blueprints available

H. G. Fischer Original Blueprint Drawings
Hand-drawn in pencil,
here are some wonderful rare originals.
The first page is of the familiar output connection on all Fischer
Diathermy Machines for the Indifferent, Low, Medium, and
High Voltages!
H. G. Fischer - Adapters for Campbell, Waite & Bartlett,
Kelly Koett, Westinghouse, Acme, Engeln, Victor, Aloe,
Liebel Flarsheim, Bovie, etc.
H. G. Fischer Surgical Diathermy &
Custom Electrodes Blueprints

Part I, 125 pages
H. G. Fischer Blueprints:
11" x 17" Hand Drawn Originals:
A brief selection of Diathermy Machines
H. G. Fischer G2 Diathermy Machine
Tesla Coil Plans:
Several of the 42 original blueprints outlining components of the G2 Diathermy Machine.
Fischer Fulgeration Electrode
Fischer Diathermy Machine SWD1
Fischer Musket Portable Cabinet
Fischer X-Ray Spark Gap
Osborne Fischer Diathermy Switch
Osborn Fischer Diathermy Spark Gap 
Osborn Thompson Plaster Spark Gap
Letters & Envelopes:  
H. G. Fischer, McIntosh, Liebel Flarsheim, General Electric, Grebb X-Ray
Mailing Envelopes

H. G. Fischer Postcards
Misc. Items:  
Norman Rockwell Visits A Family Doctor...
...with a Thompson Plaster, Fischer X-Ray
Stand, UV Lamp, and several friends doing
reproduction scenarios...
The Awesome Machines Of H. G. Fischer
Scott MacLaughlin:  Vice President Of Engineering, Fischer Imaging
Jeff:  Curator of The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Rita:  Jeff's Wife
Frank:  Featured Collector of all things Fischer
Jim:  Fischer Freight

Here are some pics of old x-ray/therapy equipment we have.  Let me know if you have any interest.

Jeff:  Yes, please! I want them all!!!!!

Rita:  You want what?

Jeff:  We need to buy all of these machines!

Rita:  Are they big?

Jeff:  One is kind of big, but it's the best one of all...

Rita:  Okay, I  guess...


Rita:  The Fischer delivery man called me at work.  Is 90 feet big?

Jeff:  [At home, sick with flu]  Ahhh....Uh Oh.

Jim:  How big is NE 15th Street?  I've got an 87 and a half foot truck?


Jeff:  FRANK!?  I don't know what to do!  I'm sick in bed and there are 4 5-foot pallets of machines outside, and an 8 foot skid!  Rita's going to kill me!


Several days later I was well enough to open the boxes.  Rita was so surprised by the beauty of the machines she completely forgot to kill me for filling the house with them.
Frank in his infinite wisdom identified the mystery electrodes and helped me to rewire the
large X-Ray cabinet safety gaps...

We officially started to look for a new house with more museum space...!