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The Quest For Kinraide (movie)
High Resolution 3D CAD Renderings of
Alternating Current Kinraide Coil
More High Resolution 3D CAD Renderings of
Alternating Current Kinraide Coil
Alternating Current Kinraide Coil
3D Rendering Animation
Exploded view of Quenched Spark Gap
used in the Kinraide Coil
Historic Tesla Coil Comparison
Exploded view of Quenched Spark Gap
3D Rendering Animation
Alternating Current Kinraide Coil Arrival photos
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2.  Gallery
Spark Gap Polishing and Restoration
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2.  Gallery
Demoulding and deciphering the Kinraide Coils
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2.  Gallery
Restoring an ebonite Kinraide Coil mould
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2.  Gallery
Making special pitch discharge posts for Kinraide Coil
Repouring rewound Kinraide Coils
Remounting and Testing Rewound Kinraide Coils
Kinraide Coil Safety Gap and Extended Base
Kinraide Coil with Extended Base - Testing
Kinraide Coil with Extended Base Testing Video
Kinraide Coil Testing with Tungsten Spark Gap
Initial Testing of Restored Kinraide Coil
Kinraide Adventure 2010
Travis and Cheryl's Alternating Current Kinraide Coil Gallery
Direct Current Kinraide Coil
from the Collection of Thomas B. Greenslade
Thomas Burton Kinraide Patent 774,759
Portable High Frequency Device and Vacuum Tube Stand
Swett & Lewis High Frequency X-Ray Tube
Swett & Lewis Floor Stand
(for Kinraide inventions, X-Ray Tubes, Jackson Coil, etc)
In Quest Of Kinraide:  Feb. 2007 / May 2005:
Recovered coils and misc. items
Earliest & Largest Surviving Kinraide/Tesla Coil
13.5" Diameter x 6.5" Deep x 18" Tall Pancake Coil and the
remains of a 28" Tall post from an even larger coil.
Jackson Coil Name Plate Found
"Manufactured under Kinraide Patents,
Swett & Lewis Co."
Original Swett & Lewis X-Ray Tube - Type A
Note the interesting Lichtenberg Figure on the tube!
Featured Collector Frank Jones:  Swett & Lewis X-Ray Tube
Kinraide Coils:  Gallery I
Kinraide's Kinraide Coils from 1897:
These are the oldest surviving Tesla Coils.
Kinraide Coils:  Gallery II
Note the familiar shape later associated with Kinraide's work.
Kinraide Coils:  Gallery III
Largest Surviving Tesla Coil from 1897

Cyclone Coil
This is a complete Pancake Coil (1/2" Copper Strap Primary,
Multilayered Flat Spiral Secondary) on top of a glass enclosed mica/tin foil
Kinraide's Laboratory:  Recovered Materials Gallery I
The famous glass rods used in his Kinraide Coil patent; Kilos of Beeswax
and Rosin; a Condenser/Pancake Coil combination similar to that of the
Cyclone Coils; The induction coil witnessed by Frederick Finch Strong in
1897; A variety of castings; A carved geometric block (part of one of Kinraide's
later inventions); Liquor and scent bottle; Decaying doctor's bag (perhaps Strong's?)
Kinraide / Kinraide Coil Scans
  (C) Jeff Behary 2005, c/o The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum