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Modern Reproductions of Kinraide Inventions
Experimental Pancake & Flat Spiral Tesla Coils
Virtually all of these coils were inspired by Kinraide's work in some way or another.
Reproduction Floor Model Kinraide High Frequency Induction Coil
Reproduction Kinraide High Frequency Induction Coil & Movie
A Home Calcium Tungstate X-Ray Screen and Fluoroscope
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, with Water-Cooled Copper Plate Spark Gap
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, Varnished, with movie.
Phantom Streamers finally photographed!
Recreating Kinraide-Jackson Experiments, ca. 1904
More Sparks!
Reproduction Kinraide Coil even nearer completion!
High Frequency Induction Coil / Bipolar Pancake Coil
Reproduction Kinraide Coil nearing completion...11" - 12" Spark Capacity
Gallery of Reproduction Kinraide Coil Testing Photos
Semi-finished Kinraide Coil - Bondo mould of familiar shape...testing photos and movie.
Testing Reproduction Kinraide Coil II - 3 Movies
Reproduction Kinraide Coil II - Multilayered Pancake Coil
Water-Cooled Quenched Spark Gap for Tesla Coils
Thomas Burton Kinraide Reproduction!

29. June 2008 - 81 Years Today Thomas Burton Kinraide died -
We decided to wind a Kinraide Coil as a tribute.  It was an all-day affair,
and well worth the effort.

Endless thanks to Frank Jones who had the special triple silk-covered wire custom made!
Inside Out Pancake Coil
High Frequency Unipolar Induction Coil
Kinraide Coil Reproduction For Producing Phantom Streamers
15kV 60mA Pancake Coil Tests - Dischargers mounted
Flaming Arc Stills from "Kilowatt Kinraide Coil"
Kilowatt Kinraide Coil Flames
Kinraide-Jackson Brush Discharges
Kinraide-Jackson Wispy Discharges
Flat Spiral To Conical Coil - Testing a
Modified Form of Kinraide "Jackson Coil"

Kinraide Reproduction Electrode:
Point / Limitless Plane Electrode

In particular, note the following discharges:
TCFSparks1:  Point is even with the surface of the plane
TCFSparks2:  Point is retracted inside of plane
TCFSparks3:  Point is protruding from plane
Stationary Series Quenched Spark Gap
This gap has no insulting substances to separate the disks.
Mica or bakelite washers used in the early gaps tended to arc
over time and require frequent cleaning or changing. 

Three Series Stationary Quenched Spark Gap Prototype

Film of 3-Series Stationary Quenched Spark Gap
Inspired by Kinraide:
Stationary Brass Quenched Spark Gap
Inspired by Kinraide:
Adjustable Brass Quenched Spark Gap
with Aluminum Heat Sinks
Reproduction Kinraide Coil with 6" Diameter Quenched Gap:
This apparatus consumes only 50 - 100 watts.

Film of Coil and Quenched Gap in Operation
Testing Prototype 6" Quenched Gap with Fischer Cenco.
Two Pancakes, 1000V transformer, .6 mfd Mica Capacitor
Prototype Quenched Spark Gap - 6" Diameter Faces -
Inspired by the original Kinraide Coil Spark Gap
Inspired by Kinraide:
Stationary Brass Quenched Spark Gap
Inspired by Kinraide:
Adjustable Brass Quenched Spark Gap
with Aluminum Heat Sinks
Kinraide Reproduction:  Oil Filled Coil
Kinraide Reproduction:  Flat Spiral Coils at low power
Kinraide Multilayer Conical Coil System
Reproduction One Kilowatt Kinraide Coil
Kinraide Collage:  60 Electric Discharge Phenomenon /
Spark Photographs; 48 x 48" Framed
  (C) Jeff Behary 2005, c/o The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum