The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum:  Library
Static Electricity, Magnetism, Faradism, and Induction Coils


Pilling Guide To Domestic Treatment By Electricity
A Complete Treatise On Electricity
Tiberius Cavallo - 1795 (4th Ed) 
Electricity or Ethereal Fire Considered
T. Gale, (Medical Electricity, 1802) 
ORIGINAL Electricity or Ethereal Fire Considered
T. Gale, (Medical Electricity, 1802) 
Electricity and Its Recent Applications:
Edward Trevert:
Töpler Static Machine and Induction Coil Plans 
Experiments on Electricity Made At Philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin, 1769
     * Rare  *
Electrical Experiments of Benjamin Franklin, Part 2
Electrical Instrument-Making For Amateurs - S R Bottone
Physical Technics Of Practical Instructions For
Making Experiments In Physics And The Construction
Of Physical Apparatus With The Most Limited Means
Dr. J. Frick
On A New Galvanic Battery - Rev. Nicholas Callan
On The Stratification Of Electric Light by Rev. T. R. Robinson
A Brief Account Of An Induction Coil Of Great Power
Rev. Nicholas Callan
On An Induction Coil Of Great Power, and
the effects of connecting plates to the ends
of the secondary coil - Rev. N J Callan

A Description of an Electro-magnetic Repeater,
or of a machine by which the connexion between the
Voltaic Battery and the helix of an Electro-magnet may be
broken and renewed several thousand times in the space of
one minute.
Rev. N. J. Callan
Description Of The Most Powerful Electro-Magnet Yet Constructed
Rev. N. J. Callan
On The Induction Apparatus 29. Sept 1857 - Rev. N. J. Callan
Curtis High Frequency Apparatus  
Daniel Davis Manual Of Magnetism  
Electra-Ply Manual   
Electreat Manual   
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapy Conference
Drake Hotel, Chicago, Oct. 12 - 16
Betzco (Frank S. Betz) Catalog
The Jackson Coil Catalog  
The Kinraide Coil  
L. E. Knott Influence Machine  
Mc-Intosh Polysine Generator
Mc-Intosh Battery Catalog  
Pulvermacher Catalog  
Roche Electric Catalog  
Scheidel Western Catalog Of X-Ray Apparatus  
William Benham Snow
Currents Of High Potential Of High And Other Frequencies
Swett And Lewis X-Ray Coils And Tubes  
Vita-Pulser Manual  
Sinclair Tousey
Medical Electricity, Röntgen Rays And Radium, Revised Second Edition
(Individual Chapters Below)
 General Considerations
 Static Electricity
 Dynamic Electricity
 Electricity Occurring In Plants And Animals
 Physiologic Effects Of Electricity
 Ionic Medication By Electrolysis
 Examples Of Galvanic, Faradic,
 And Sinusoidal Electrotherapy
 Physiologic And Therapeutic Effects
 of Electromagnets
 Electricity In Diseases Of The Nervous System
 High-Frequency Currents
 Phenomenon Accompanying The
 Transmission Of Electricity Through Gases
 The X-Ray
 Colour Plates
Keystone Electric Company Electro-therapeutic
Appliance Catalogue
The Improved Davis & Kidder Magneto Electric Machine
(English, Spanish, German Version)

Thomas Burton Kinraide:
Pioneer of X-Ray and High Frequency Apparatus /
Electric Discharge Photos

Cox Cavendish Catalogue of X-Ray Apparatus and Electro-
Medical Apparatus and Allied Apparatus of every description.
The Theory, Design, And Construction Of Induction Coils
by H. Armagnat
Induction Coils:  How To Make, Use, And Repair Them
by HS Norrie
Induction Coils:  A Practical Manual For The Amateur
Coil-Maker by GE Bonney
Grosse Flamme Coil Operating Instructions
Letters between Dr. W. E. Steavenson
and his publisher concerning his book
about Medical Electricity...
The Large Glass Shelf
with some X-Ray Tubes, Crookes Tubes, Violet Ray
Electrodes, and various manuals...
Fun With A Violet Ray
By popular request, here's a high resolution scan of this article...
it's a good one!
H. G. Fischer Original Blueprint Drawings
Hand-drawn in pencil, here are some wonderful rare originals.  The first page is of the familiar output connection on all Fischer Diathermy Machines for the Indifferent, Low, Medium, and
High Voltages!
H. G. Fischer Magazines
Here are records of many authentic uses of
Tesla Coils in electrotherapeutics and surgery. 

31 Original Issues from the H. G. Fischer archives!
McIntosh Violet Ray Book
Excerpts from W. H. Guilleminot "Electricity
In Medicine - Translated into English by
Deane Butcher
The Burdick Syllabus
Monthly Electrotherapeutic Physical Therapy Magazine
H. G. Fischer Combined Galvanic Sinusoidal Currents
H. G. Fischer - The Continuous Current
H. G. Fischer - Explanation Of The Electro-Diagnosis Charts
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Instructions, Letter from VP Peter Musket
McIntosh Sinustat and Polysine Low Voltage Generators
Electrical Influence Machines - John Gray
The Construction Of Large Induction Coils - A. T. Hare
Schall & Son:  Electro-Medical Instruments And Their Management
The Electron:  McIntosh Electric Monthly Bulletin
Drault X-Ray Coil Booklet and Translation!
Crookes Tubes And Static Machines -
S. H. Monell - Feb. 6, 1897
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Therapy
Compiled from recent literature (1953)

Mihran Krikor Kassabian:  Röntgen Rays and
Electrotherapeutics - Many thanks Frank!
Electrotherapy for Meyers XXX Wall Plate