The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum:  Library
Quackery And Miscellaneous Books


An Account Of The Effects Of Electricity In Paralytick Cases
Benjamin Franklin, December 1757
Electra-Ply Manual   
Electreat Manual   
Oscilloclast Manual  
Oxypathor / Oxydonor Manual  
Ozone Therapy Manual  
Pulvermacher Catalog  
Vita-Pulser Manual  
Keystone Electric Company Electro-therapeutic
Appliance Catalogue
Lindstrom, Smith Co. - White Cross Vibrators
The Improved Davis & Kidder Magneto Electric Machine
(English, Spanish, German Version)
A Selection of Mutoscope Cards
(including a Kellogg Tissue Oscillator)
Norman Rockwell Visits A Family Doctor...
...with a Thompson Plaster, Fischer X-Ray
Stand, UV Lamp, and several friends doing
reproduction scenarios...
Phrenology - Psychograph
Measures the bumps on your head...made famous by
Bob McCoy and The Museum Of Questionable Medical Devices.
Fun With A Violet Ray
By popular request, here's a high resolution scan of this article...
it's a good one!
Fitzgerald "Star-Rite" Violet Ray Instructions:
The most unusual Violet Ray instructions ever written on paper... unusual, we've decided to call it "Star-Wrong".
From the ever-growing unusual collection of Frank Jones Rarities!

The Incredible Life Of John Worrell Keely - by
Julius Mortizen  (1899)

The Last Known Photos Of The Keely Motor
from Kinraide's Laboratory (1899)
Elihu Thomson:  Keely Reminiscences
A rare account of what really happened at Keely sťances made
by Elihu Thomson and Professor Houston
Keely Motor Company:  1881 Minority Report To The Stockholders
John. H. Lorimer

Nature's Helper - Campbell Infra Red Ray Lamp
Britesun Carbon Arc Lamps
Halliwell Shelton Vibrator Booklet
Chloride Of Silver Dry Cell Faradic Batteries Catalogue
Massachusetts Department Of Mental Diseases
ERA - Electronic Reactions Of Abrams
Abram's Oscilloclast

From the famous quack and "Father of Radionics"
Short Wave Oscilloclast and Depolaray
Radicon Bus Instructions - In English!
National Therapeutic Arc Carbons
Oxypathor / Oxydonor / Gas Pipe Therapy Excerpts
Drugs, Chemicals, and Patent Medicines by JS Merrell