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Violet Rays


Bleadon Dun Violetta Violet Ray Manual 
 Bleadon Dun "Violet Rays As Applied With The
 Violetta" (Improved copy)
Cesco - Chicago Electric Scientific
  Violet Ray / ETP Leak Tester Manual  
Chas A. Branston Violet Ray Manual 
Chinese Violet Ray Manual  
Translation For Chinese Violet Ray Manual  
Condensed X-Ray Guide by Eberhart  
Contra-Pole Violet Ray 
Eastern Laboratory Marvel Violet Ray  
A Working Manual Of High Frequency Currents
   by Noble M. Eberhart  
H. G. Fischer Model J Violet Ray  
H. G. Fischer Type M Violet Ray  
Health And Healing And Recovery
  with   High Frequency  
Master Appliance Violet Rays  
Master Appliances for Health And Beauty:
Violet Rays, Therapeutic Lights, Curling Iron Heaters
Master Electric Violet Rays  
Montgomery Wards Violet Ray  
Re'juvin Violet Ray Manual  
Renulife Health Beauty Strength Booklet  
Renulife Health Generator  
Renulife Treatment Chart / Instructions  
Renulife Applications Of Violet Rays  
Shelton Laboratories /
  Halliwell Shelton Violet Rays 
Frederick Finch Strong - High Frequency Currents
VioRay Violet Ray Manual  
Vi-Ray-O Violet Ray Manual
Wapa Violet Ray Cover  
White Cross Violet Ray  
Halliwell Electric Co - How To Use Violet Rays
Hoch Frequenz
Der TEFRA Apparat
Radiofor Radiolux Radiostat
Master Electric Violet Ray - Later Green Cover Manual
1960s Master Electric / Appliance Violet Ray
Shelton High Frequency Violet Ray
For Beauty And Better Health
The Large Glass Shelf
with some X-Ray Tubes, Crookes Tubes, Violet Ray
Electrodes, and various manuals...
Fun With A Violet Ray
By popular request, here's a high resolution scan of this article...
it's a good one!
Health Beauty Strength Thru Renulife Violet Rays
Fitzgerald Violet Ray Book
McIntosh Violet Ray Book
Master Electric High Frequency Violet Ray
Their last catalogue before getting shut down

for bogus claims!
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet

Many thanks to the Kincaids for this booklet!
Viracor Violet Ray - Master Electric Successors to Viracorp
Vitalus - Au Service De La Therapeutique Moderne
French Violet Ray Manual
The Scientific Healing Method - Violet Rays (Vi-Rex, Cesco, Energex, Challanger, Bleadon Dun)
Vitalus - Au Service De La Therapeutique Moderne
French Violet Ray Manual
Violet Rays Aids The Life Process

This peculiar little Violet Ray book is non-descript in terms of the manufacturer.  It came with
a Viracorp ("Violet Ray Corporation") Violet Ray.  The only sign a manufacturer name was
located on the bottle of ozone inhalant in the photo - Violetta / Bleadon Dun.
Perhaps this was done in an attempt to provide literature and avoid the issues of false claims?
Chas A. Branston Radio Inductance Coils
Letter from Renulife!
Featured Collector Dr. Daniel Cuscela:
Rare Rogers Violet Ray Manual