The Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum
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Museum Movies:

A. S. Aloe "Lightning" Electrotherapeutic Cabinet

Coagulation of Tissue with Bipolar Diathermy

Surgical Diathermy - Medium Voltage

Noble M. Eberhart's Localizer for Diathermy

Carbon Arc Lamp in Operation

Seeley Electric "Vulcan Coil" In Operation

Vulcan Coil Cold to Hot Sparks

Crookes Railway Tube

Flaming White Arc Prototype Tesla Coil

"The Prague Coil" Twin Pancake System

Campbell High Frequency Coil

Prototype Single Pancake Kicking Coil

Making a Geissler Tube

Master Violet Ray

Tesla Pancake Magnifier System

One Kilowatt Kinraide Style Coil

Small Campbell X-Ray Coil

Frank. S. Betz Quadramode

H. G. Fischer Violet Ray Type M

H. G. Fischer Diathermy Machine

Curtis Reproduction:  Pancake X-Ray Coil

Museum Staff

New videos!
An introduction to the Tesla Conference on Long Island
18" Pancake Coil tests, high current
18" Pancake Coil tests, lower current higher voltage
How to thread a PVC pipe to make a cylindrical secondary coil
An extremely strange flaming discharge with effluves that would burst outward
A small Pancake for making fiery discharges
What a Pancake Coil looks like discharging on its side...
A similar test with higher current
Testing a merge of a conical and flat spiral coil
Odd.  A dancing filament in an Edison bulb creating lichtenberg figures as it dances around the bulb.
First tests of the Strong-Ovington Tesla Coil Reproduction
9" Pancake Coil with Rotary Spark Gap
Salt Lake City lecture coil demo
Stationary series quenched spark gap tests
Tesla London lecture half scale Induction Coil reproduction
The slight variation of sparks when a wooden plate is inserted near the discharge
Testing a 1930s X-Ray Tesla coil only  with 20V.  The power transformer has an output of only 200V during the test.
Operating a spark gap Tesla Coil on 240V mains w/o a transformer.
250 watts through a model T ignition coil - operated directly from 240V without a transformer using a spark gap!
3 inch Pancake Coil tests.
Build your own Pancake coil - powered by a 5kV 120mA cold cathode transformer
A 9" Coil that really sings.
Here it is singing some more...
An example of a Kinraide rectifying spark gap - Point-plane concept - giving static type discharges from a Tesla Coil...
A discharge similar to as escaping gas flame!
Coil test using a mercury dip relay.
Producing the "Phantom" like streamers.
Static effects from a Tesla Coil.
KW Pancake Coil with a Rotary Spark Gap, 9600 BPS
Pancake Coil under oil with Rotary Spark Gap
Organic Pancake Coils - insulated with Soy Wax!
Interrupterless X-Ray Coil, high power, 3KW!
Interrupterless with low power, still deadly...
A happy medium, still scary!
Synchronous spark gap for interrupterless X-Ray Coil
Kinraide reproduction effluves - brush discharges reaching for each other.
My masterpiece in an early testing stage...
Testing an original Kinraide Coil from ca. 1897
Testing a reproduction Kinraide Coil
Kilowatt Kinraide reproduction melting wire...
Testing an original Kinraide Coil, moderate power.
Testing the masterpiece!  These discharges are mean!
Part II of above.
Brief testing of an original Kinraide Coil on very low power.
Fischer Low Voltage Generator