The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  1800 - 1900


Machine Of The Year: 
Frederick Finch Strong's Ajax Special Coil
Internal Components Of Ajax Special:
Photos taken by Bill Wysock
Many thanks to Bill, Francis, and Linda for these historic photos!
Static Electric Machines:  1800s
A Selection Of Geissler And Crookes Tubes
Van Houten & Ten Broek Floor Model
Holtz / Wimshurst Static Electric Machine
 Feature Exhibition:
 Dodd & Struthers Static Electric   
 Feature Exhibition: Shinn Static Electric Machine
 Feature Exhibition: Moore Apparatus
 Early Static Electric Machines
 Static Electric Machines Gallery
Galvanic Batteries, 1800-1900s
Boyd's Miniature Galvanic Battery
Galvano Cautery Galvanic Battery Set
 Feature Exhibition: Antique Batteries
Victor / GE General Electric Low Voltage Galvanic Generator
Magneto Electric Machines, 1850s-1900s
 Magneto Electric Machine Gallery
 English Magneto Electric Machine
 Battle Creek Sanitarium
 Feature Exhibition: Polysine Generator
Induction Coils 1870s-1900s
Featured Collector from Netherlands:  Charles Den Haan
Charles made some spectacular induction coils and collects Violet Ray machines
Highly Ornate McIntosh Faradic Battery
4" Induction Apparatus Powering A Tesla Coil
4" Capacity Induction Apparatus
A New Design Of Compact Induction Coil
A New Design Of Induction Coil
Making Spiderweb, Honeycomb, and Pancake Radio Coils
Ornate Victor Galvanic
Faradic Wall Plate
 NTM Induction Coils
 Faradic Medical Battery Gallery
 European Faradic Medical Battery
 Feature Exhibition:
 Scheidel Western Induction Coil
 Feature Exhibition: Cox Cavendish Induction Coil
 Feature Exhibition: Faradic Batteries
 Special Interrupters For Induction/Kicking Coils
Carbon Arc Lamps, 1870s-1900s
Carbon Arc Lamps
 Feature Exhibition: Carbon Arc Lamps
 NTM Arc Lamps
 Carbon Arc Lamps

Further Reading:

Electrical Influence Machines - John Gray
The Construction Of Large Induction Coils - A. T. Hare
Electric Spark Photos for Salesmanship
Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company Catalogue
Treatment of Acute Roentgen Ray Dermatitis (Walter J. Dodd)
Kinraide Coil, Jackson Coil, Cyclone Coil, Ajax Coil Ads
Eleventh Annual Meeting Of American Electro-Therapeutic Association
Held in Buffalo, NY Sept 24, 25, 26 1901:  Thomas Burton Kinraide
Many thanks to Juan Pablo Rozas for sharing these rare X-Ray items from a unique Spanish X-Ray pioneer.

Sanchez Electric Laboratories - X-Ray and High Frequency Coil


Aparato Generador de Rayos X Sanchez y Corrientes de Alta Frecuencia


Apparato Portatil De Rayos X Sanchez y Alta Frecuencia

Frederick Finch Strong:  X-Ray Tubes for High Frequency Coils
Victor:  A Little Journey Into The Realms Of The X-Ray
Alrededor Del Mundo:  Imagenes curiosas de la electricidad
Around The World:  Curious Images Of The Electricity
Thomas Burton Kinraide, July 1902
American X-Ray Journal - December 1900 Röntgen Ray Society
Kinraide, Kassabian, Monell, Waite, etc. talking about X-Ray Burns
and X-Ray Tubes Exploding (Imploding)...
Swett & Lewis:  The Cyclone Coil (TB Kinraide)
Elihu Thomson and Thomas Edison X-Ray Tubes Ad
Kinraide's Spring Park Laboratory Ad for Fluoroscopes and Screens
Shutts & Walters Co. - Distributors of Victor, Scheidel Western, Van Houten & Ten Broek; Finsen Lamp; W. B. Snow Electrodes
Electrotherapy With Wm Meyers XXX Wall Plate / Galvanic Faradic Battery
Dinner with William Benham Snow
Drault X-Ray Coil Booklet and Translation!
Campbell Model I High Frequency Coil
and X-Ray and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Photographs from Campbell Electric Company!
Crookes Tubes And Static Machines -
S. H. Monell - Feb. 6, 1897
Cox Cavendish Catalogue of X-Ray Apparatus and Electro-
Medical Apparatus and Allied Apparatus of every description.
The Theory, Design, And Construction Of Induction Coils
by H. Armagnat
Induction Coils:  How To Make, Use, And Repair Them
by HS Norrie
Induction Coils:  A Practical Manual For The Amateur
Coil-Maker by GE Bonney
Grosse Flamme Coil Operating Instructions