The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Museum Collection:  Violet Rays
Ralph C. Browne, B & B Coil Booklet (First Violet Ray machine)
Violet Rays vs. the FDA
Modern Violet Ray / "Violet Wand" / High Frequency Manufacturers
Featured Collector:  Darkerwaters
Fun With A Violet Ray
 Fitzgerald Showcase Violet Ray
Violet Rays in High Resolution
 Frank's Violet Rays
Violet Ray Ads
Amos Cato  
 Amos Cato Gallery
 Amos Cato Violet Ray
Tribute To David Genser:  "Rayzilla" Japanese Violet Ray
 Feature Exhibition: Chinese Violet Ray
Chinese Violet Ray Manual  
Translation For Chinese Violet Ray Manual  

Fuji D-217 High Frequency Violet Ray
Radiorayor Japanese Violet Ray
Battery Powered  
 Violet Ray Oscillator Gallery
 Feature Exhibition: Violet Ray Oscillator
Frank S. Betz  
Frank S. Betz 1910 Ozone Generator
Frank S. Betz Gallery
Bleadun Dun  
Bleadon Dun Violetta Violet Ray Manual 
 Bleadon Dun "Violet Rays As Applied With The
 Violetta" (Improved copy)
 Bleadon Dun Gallery
Bleadon Dun Restoration: Cast Plugs
Chas Branston  
 Chas A Branston Gallery
Chas A. Branston Violet Ray Manual 
Unusual Brooklyn Violet Ray
 Chicago Scientific Company Gallery
Cesco - Chicago Electric Scientific
  Violet Ray / ETP Leak Tester Manual  
The Scientific Healing Method
 Contra-Pole Gallery
Contra-Pole Violet Ray 
 Avus Czech Violet Ray
De Mooy  

DeMooy Violet Ray...
Eastern "Marvel"  
 Eastern Laboratories Marvel Gallery
Eastern Laboratories Marble Top Marvel
Eastern Laboratory Marvel Violet Ray  
Thomas Edison's Violet Ray Electrodes:  Ediswan High Frequency!!!
Edwards High Frequency Violet Ray Coil
 Elco Lindstrom Gallery
Silvered Violet Ray / Diathermy Electrodes
 Feature Exhibition: Electrode Mania!
 A Selection Of Violet Ray / High Frequency
 Vacuum Discharge Colors
 Vacuum Electrode Gallery
 Modern Violet Ray Electrode Gallery
 Energex Gallery
 Osbourne & Garrett Gallery
VioRay Violet Ray Manual  
H. G. Fischer  
 Feature Exhibition: Fischer Violet Rays
H. G. Fischer Model J Violet Ray  
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray  
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet
 Fitzgerald Showcase Violet Ray
 Fitzgerald Gallery
Fitzgerald Violet Ray Book
Vitalus - Au Service De La Therapeutique Moderne
French Violet Ray Manual
 Pansanitor Violet Ray
 Feature Exhibition: German Do Do Violet Ray
Wapa Violet Ray Cover  
Hoch Frequenz
Der TEFRA Apparat
Radiofor Radiolux Radiostat
Wm Meyers  
Wm. Meyers "XXX" High Frequency X-Ray Coil
Master Appliance  
 Master Appliance Gallery
Master Appliance Violet Rays  
Master Appliances for Health And Beauty:
Violet Rays, Therapeutic Lights, Curling Iron Heaters
Master Electric  
 Master M-66 Violet Ray
32V Master Electric Violet Rays
Master Electric No. 8 Violet Ray
 Master Electric Gallery
Master Electric Surface Electrode in Original Box!
Master Electric Violet Rays  
Master Electric Violet Ray - Later Green Cover Manual
1960s Master Electric / Appliance Violet Ray
Master Electric High Frequency Violet Ray
McIntosh Wall Plate
McIntosh Violet Ray
McIntosh Violet Ray Book
The Large Glass Shelf
with some X-Ray Tubes, Crookes Tubes, Violet Ray
Electrodes, and various manuals...
Health And Healing And Recovery
with   High Frequency  
 Box Of Violet Rays, Before Restoration
 Box Of Violet Rays, Restored
 Parco Gallery
Parco Super Violet Ray
Peerless Violet Ray
 Peerless Violet Ray Gallery
 Re'juvin Gallery
Re'juvin Violet Ray Manual  
 Renulife Gallery
Renulife Health Beauty Strength Booklet  
Renulife Health Generator  
Renulife Treatment Chart / Instructions  
Renulife Applications Of Violet Rays  
Health Beauty Strength Thru Renulife Violet Rays
Letter from Renulife!
Rogers Violet Ray
Rogers Electric Laboratories Violet Ray
E J Rose E. J. Rose Violet Ray Machine
Featured Collector Alastair Wright
Scheidel Western "Columbia"
High Frequency Violet Ray
Haliwell / Shelton  
 Shelton Laboratories Gallery
Shelton Laboratories /
  Halliwell Shelton Violet Rays 
Shelton High Frequency Violet Ray
For Beauty And Better Health
Halliwell Electric Co - How To Use Violet Rays
Sterling Longoria  
Sterling / Longoria Laboratories - Violet Ray Instruction Book
Sterling Violet Ray and Booklet (1915) - Longoria Electrical
Laboratories, Cleveland Ohio
 Tuckers Violet Ray Gallery
Victor Gallery
VIM Violet Ray
 Violet Ray Corporation Gallery
Violet Rays Aids The Life Process
Viracor Violet Ray
 Vi-Ray-O Gallery
Vi-Ray-O Violet Ray Manual
Vi-Rex / Bleadon Dun Battery Operated Violet Ray (10V)

The Scientific Method Of Combating Pain
Vita Violet Ray

VITA Violet Ray - variation of  "Remco" Violet Ray
 Remco Gallery
Wappler Ultra Violet Ray Oscillator
 Feature Exhibition:
 Wappler High Frequency Apparatus
Montgomery Wards  
Montgomery Wards Violet Ray  
Western Coil Co Violet Ray
White Cross  
White Cross Violet Ray  
Max Wocher  
Max Wocher & Sons High Frequency Coil

Homemade Violet Rays

Steam Punk Violet Rays In Action; Inside - Out Violet Ray Coil
(Miniature High Frequency Induction Coil)
Steampunk Violet Ray Resonator:  My interpretation of what a Violet Ray
would have looked like 20 years earlier...
More Steampunk Violet Ray Handles
Steampunk Violet Ray Double Resonator
Making a replacement Violet Ray Coil...
Further Reading  
A Selection Of Violet Ray machine name plates

A look at Violet Ray Resonator (Disruptive Discharge/Tesla) Coils
Unpotting And Measuring Master Violet Ray Coils
Violet Ray Coils & Components - Disassembled

 Article:  Violet Ray Misconceptions

 Article:  Build Your Own Violet Ray Device!


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