The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Jeff Behary, Curator

Museum Projects For  2004:

"Tesla's Tesla Coil":  1897 Tesla Coil Reproduction
Amos M Cato Marble Top Violet Ray
CAD Drawings of Tesla Coil Schematics
Czech "AVUS" Violet Ray
Reproduction Behary Kinraide-Jackson Coil
Frank S. Betz Portable X-Ray Ozone High Frequency Machine
Campbell High Frequency Coil:  Earliest Surviving Tesla Coil?  Internal Components
Campbell High Frequency Coil:  Earliest Surviving Tesla Coil?  Restored Unit; Discharges
Behary Reproduction Kicking Coil Style Tesla X-Ray Machine and High Frequency Apparatus
European Faradic Medical Battery
Fischer X-Ray Machine, Construction Details
Fischer X-Ray Machine, Discharge Photos
Fischer X-Ray Machine, Images
Fitzgerald Violet Ray, Complete Apparatus With Full Selection Of All Electrodes
My Wife Rita with High Voltage Transformers
Behary Reproduction Kinraide Coil
Master Electric M66 Violet Ray
Pansanitor German Violet Ray
Thompson Plaster Spark Gap
Frederick Finch Strong High Frequency Currents - Photographic Plates
Tesla Evening
"Tesla's Tesla Coil":  1 KW Apparatus
Thompson Plaster Multi-layer Disruptive Discharge Coil Restoration
Thompson Plaster Cabinet
Vacuum Discharges - Color Study Of Various Vacuums (Spark - Geissler - Crookes - X-Ray)
Box Of Violet Rays Arrive For Restoration...
Box Of Violet Rays, Restored.
Seeley Electric "Vulcan Coil" Experiments
Seeley Electric "Vulcan Coil" Discharges
Wappler High Frequency Violet Ray

Forgotten Tesla Technologies

Behary Style Tesla Coils - Early Experimentation
Behary Style Spark Gaps - Quenched Tungsten Gaps
Details Of Pancake Coil Construction
Early Testing Of "Prague Coil" Bipolar Tesla Pancake System
"Kicking Coil" Style Tesla Coils
Large Pancake Coil Winding Jigs
Magnifying Tesla Pancake Transmitter Apparatus
Misc. Pancake Coil Photos
Narodni Technicke Museum Photos, Prague, Czech Republic
Original Behary Prototype Flaming White Arc Tesla Coil
Behary Reproduction Turn Of The Century Physician's Cabinet
Pre-Installation Of "Prague Coil"
Behary Prototype Flaming White Arc Coil
Rochefort Wydts High Frequency Coil Experiments
Special Interrupters For Induction Coils
Tesla Radio, Eastern Europe
The 50 watt "Baby Prague Coil"

Feature Collector:  Frank Jones

Feature Collection:  Carbon Arc Lamps
Feature Collection:  Early Batteries
Feature Collection:  Bovie Surgical Cabinet
Feature Collection:  Chinese Violet Ray
Feature Collection:  Oscilloclasts
Feature Collection:  Cox Cavendish Induction Coil
Feature Collection:  German Do Do Violet Ray
Feature Collection:  Disc Pump - Tesla Turbine
Feature Collection:  Dodd & Struthers Toepler-Holtz Machine
Feature Collection:  Dr. Forester Apparatus (German)
Feature Collection:  Dynelectron Diathermy Machine
Feature Collection:  Edison X-Ray Tube / Flouroscope
Feature Collection:  Electric Belts *
Feature Collection:  Electrode Showcase
Feature Collection:  Faradic Medical Batteries
Feature Collection:  Fischer Cenco Tesla Coil
Feature Collection:  Fischer Diathermy Type D
Feature Collection:  Fischer Dental X-Ray Tesla Coil
Feature Collection:  Fischer Type G Diathermy Gallery
Feature Collection:  Fischer Violet Rays
Feature Collection:  Oxydoner Oxypathor Farador Quack Medical Devices
Feature Collection:  Misc. High Frequency Violet Rays
Feature Collection:  Mc-Intosh Hogan Electric Cabinet / Oudin Resonator
Feature Collection:  Moore Toepler-Holtz Machine 
Feature Collection:  Mc-Intosh Polysine Generator
Feature Collection:  Pulvermacher's Chains
Feature Collection:  Quenched Spark Gaps
Feature Collection:  Radioactive Devices, Revigator, Radium
Feature Collection:  Scheidel Western Induction Coil
Feature Collection:  Shinn Static Electric Machine
Feature Collection:  Tesla Style X-Ray Tube
Feature Collection:  Violet Ray Oscillator
Feature Collection:  Violet Rays
Feature Collection:  Wappler Dental Cabinet Showcase
Feature Collection:  Wappler High Frequency Coils
Feature Collection: X-Ray Tube Showcase

On-Line Electrotherapeutic / Tesla Library

A. S. Aloe Catalog
A. S. Aloe Lightning Manual
Bleadon Dun Violetta Manual
Cesco / Cenco / ETP Violet Rays / Leak Detectors
Chas A. Branston Violet Rays
Chinese Violet Ray Manual
Translation of Chinese Violet Ray Manual
Noble M. Eberhart Condensed Guide To X-Ray Treatment
Contra-Pole Violet Ray Manual
Thomas Stanley Curtis:  High Frequency Apparatus Book
Daniel Davis Manual Of Magnetism Book
H. G. Fischer Diathermy Simplified Book
H. G. Fischer Diathermy Therapy Book
Eastern Laboratories Marvel Violet Ray Manual
Noble M. Eberhart A Working Manual Of High Frequency Currents Book
Electraply Manual
Electreat Manual
H. G. Fischer d'Arsonval Color Scale
H. G. Fischer G-2 Manual
H. G. Fischer Type J Manual
H. G. Fischer Type M Manual
Health And Healing With High Frequency Currents Book
Hettinger Catalog
Hogan X-Ray Cabinet Instructions
The Jackson Coil Manual
The Kinraide Coil Manual
Selection Of Patents of Thomas Burton Kinraide
L. E.  Knott High Frequency Tesla Coil Apparatus
L. E.  Knott Influence Machine Apparatus
Master Appliance Violet Ray Manual
Master Electric Violet Ray Manual
Mc-Intosh Catalog Of Batteries
Meyrowitz High Frequency Apparatus Catalog
Montgomery Wards Violet Ray Manual
Jeff Behary's Tesla Multilayer Disruptive Discharge Coil Book *
Oscilloclast Manual
Oxypathor Manual
Ozone Therapy Book
Mc-Intosh Polysine Generator Manual
Pulvermacher Chains Catalog
Re'juvin Violet Ray Manual
Renulife:  Health Beauty Strength
Renulife:  Health Generator
Renulife Instructions
Renulife Treatment Chart
Roche Electric Catalog
Scheidel-Western Catalog Of X-Ray Coils And Tubes
Shelton Laboratories / Halliwell Shelton Violet Rays
Sir William Crookes:  On Radiant Matter
Dr. William Benham Snow Currents Of High Potential Of High And Other Frequencies
Standard X-Ray Company Manual
Dr. Frederick Finch Strong High Frequency Currents Book
Swett & Lewis Kinraide Coil Book
Thompson Plaster Manual
Thompson Plaster Instructions
Sinclair Tousey:  Medical Electricity, Rontgen Rays, And Radium 2nd Edition
VioRay Manual
Vita-Pulser Manual
Wagner Catalog
Wapa Cover
Wappler Ads
Wappler Wiring Diagrams
White Cross Violet Ray Manual

Electrotherapeutic Company Galleries

A. S. Aloe Company
Battle Creek Sanitarium Company
Jeff Behary's Apparatus
Bleadon Dun Company
Campbell Electric Company
Carbon Arc Lamps Gallery
Cesco Chicago Electric Scientific Company
Chas. A. Branston Company
Contra-Pole Company
Eastern Laboratories Company
Elco Lindstrom Company
Energex Company
Faradic Batteries Gallery
Fitzgerald Company
Frank S. Betz Company
H. G. Fischer Company
Magneto Electric Machine Gallery
Master Appliance Company
Master Electric Company
McIntosh Company
Misc. Advertisements
Violet Ray Oscillator Gallery
Osbourne Garrett Company
Overbeck Company
Parco Company
Portatherm Company
Rejuvin Company
Remco Company
Renulife Company
Seeley Electric Company
Shelton Laboratories Company
Static Electric Machines Gallery
Thompson Plaster Company
Tuckers Violet Ray Company
Phototherapy / Ultraviolet Irradiation Ozone Gallery
Vi-RAY-O Company
Violet Ray Corporation Company

Electric Discharges And Phenomenon Galleries

9-Inch Pancake Coil Discharges
Bi-Polar Kicking Coil Discharges
Bi-Polar St. Elmo's Fire
"Prague Coil" Performance Photos
Flaming White Arc Photos
St. Elmo's Fire Gallery
Vulcan X-Ray Coil Discharges

Early Black & White Photos

Early Schematics And Black & White Drawings
High Frequency Alternators
Marconi Wireless Telegraphs
Poulsen Arc Generators
Quenched Gap Apparatus
Rare Early Tesla Electrotherapeutic Devices
Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia Photos

Crookes, Geissler, X-Ray, & Other Vacuum Discharge Tubes

Crookes Tubes In Operation
Early Vacuum Electrodes Gallery
Modern Violet Ray Electrode Gallery
Geissler And Crookes Tubes Gallery