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The profit on all items sold in the gift shop is used for the preservation and
restoration of all pieces in the museum.  Donations are also gratefully accepted.
Renulife Violet Ray:
Health Beauty Strength

32 pgs.

Actual size reprints of the original
manuals.  Unlike the originals,
these won't fall apart when
you're trying to read them!

$10.00 each


Electric Discharge Photos
From The World's Earliest
Surviving Tesla Coils

Found untouched for over a century
in the underground laboratory of
Thomas Burton Kinraide,
the original glass plate negatives
were made from 1897 - 1901 and
represent the most unique study
of electrical discharges ever
documented in history. 

12 Photos, 4x6:     
12 Photos, 8x10:  $125.00

All photos come with a reprint booklet,
Kinraide's article in Century Magazine:
"Curious Electrical Forms" July 1902
In Quest Of Kinraide
Jeff Behary

150 pgs.

Kinraide's Glass Plate Negatives
Reproduced 8x10 in Black and White.

$35.00 each


Electrotherapy CD-ROMs

Receive any book from our library
or archive on CD-ROM!

$0.10 per page

Thomas Curtis:  High Frequency Apparatus  $26.90
H.G. Fischer's Diathermy Therapy:  $13.60
Master Electric Violet Ray:  $3.40

Self-Cooling Tesla Coil
Spark Gap Segments

Made of aircraft grade aluminum
with pure tungsten electrodes!

Prices start at

$75.00 per pair
Violet Ray Restoration
and Repairs

We repair Violet Ray machines with
original components whenever possible.

Prices start at

Reproduction 1897
Tesla Oscillator

Excellent for museums and
educational institutes. 

Made with vintage materials
whenever possible.

Prices start at

FREE lectures given to any organization.  Lectures can include Power Point Presentations, Videos, Electrotherapy Demonstrations, Tesla Lectures, etc.

The only costs required are airfare and accommodations, plus transportation costs
on any machines required to be presented.
  Shipping Costs For Photos and Books:
Domestic:  $3.85 Priority Mail
Interational:  $9.00 Global Priority Mail