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Earle Lewis Ovington, Frederick Finch Strong, and Thomas Burton Kinraide:
A Trio of Boston's Earliest High Frequency, X-Ray and Therapeutic Currents Pioneers
Reminiscences Of A Birdman by Robert D. Campbell
The incredible story of the life of Earle L. Ovington

Original Artifacts  
RAVENSCROFT:  The Winter Home Of Thomas Burton Kinraide
Frederick Finch Strong's Ajax Coil variation
Kinraide's Home and Laboratory
Kinraide's Laboratory:  Recovered Materials Gallery I
In Quest Of Kinraide:  Feb. 2007 / May 2005:
Recovered coils and misc. items
 Thomas Burton Kinraide's original test equipment:
 Queen Co. Decade Box and General Radio Wave Meter
Earliest & Largest Surviving Kinraide/Tesla Coil
13.5" Diameter x 6.5" Deep x 18" Tall Pancake Coil and the
remains of a 28" Tall post from an even larger coil.
Jackson Coil Name Plate Found
"Manufactured under Kinraide Patents,
Swett & Lewis Co."
Original Swett & Lewis X-Ray Tube - Type A
Featured Collector Frank Jones:  Swett & Lewis X-Ray Tube
Kinraide Coils:  Gallery I
Kinraide's Kinraide Coils from 1897:
These are the oldest surviving Tesla Coils.
Kinraide Coils:  Gallery II
Note the familiar shape later associated with Kinraide's work.
Kinraide Coils:  Gallery III
Largest Surviving Tesla Coil from 1897

Prototype Combination Pancake Coil / Condenser
This is a complete Pancake Coil (1/2" Copper Strap Primary,
Multilayered Flat Spiral Secondary) on top of a glass enclosed mica/tin foil cap.
Artifact Experiments  
Original Kinraide Coil Test - Bipolar Arrangement
Original Kinraide Coil Test
Modern Reproductions  
Griffith Park Tesla Coil and Reproductions:
Just some of the brilliant work of Bill Wysock
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, Varnished, with movie.
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, with Water-Cooled Copper Plate Spark Gap
Strong-Ovington Reproduction Photos
Strong-Ovington Arcs Sparks and Flames
Strong-Ovington Disk Effluves
Strong-Ovington High Resolution Photo
Photographic Plates  

Electric Discharge Photographs by Thomas Burton Kinraide

137 Images

In Quest Of Kinraide:
22"x28" Electric Discharge Photos from 1899-1900

From the family of Thomas Burton Kinraide
Thomas Burton Kinraide's Electric Discharge Photos:
A Selection of Exposures from  8x10 Glass Plate Negatives

47 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 11x14 Glass Plate Negatives
54 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 8x10 Glass Plate Negatives
213 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 8.5x6.5 Glass Plate Negatives
22 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 6.5x6.5 Glass Plate Negatives
44 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 5x7 Glass Plate Negatives
4 Images
* The Kinraide Coil
Here is the original book describing this incredible device.
* The Kinraide Coil
A slightly later version of the above book, more details.
* Swett And Lewis X-Ray Coils And Tubes  
A catalogue of Kinraide Patents and related accessories.
* The Jackson Coil  
The Jackson Coil was a therapeutic version of the "Kinraide Coil".  The coils are very unique, and produced remarkable effluves.  They were a very curious design.

* Swett And Lewis Company  High Frequency Coils
This catalogue features a broad range of coils developed by Kinraide
and Jackson, as well as some fascinating accessory apparatus.

The Jackson Coil
The Jackson Special
The Cyclone Floor Model
The Cyclone Desk Model
The Cyclone Portable Model
The Kinraide Coil
* Electro-Radiation Company - Succeeding Swett & Lewis Company
  Manufacturers of High Frequency X-Ray and Electro-Medical

Electro-Radiation Company
Frederick Finch Strong
Medical Articles  
Eleventh Annual Meeting Of American Electro-Therapeutic Association
Held in Buffalo, NY Sept 24, 25, 26 1901:  Thomas Burton Kinraide
Frederick Finch Strong:
Electricity In Life
How To Use High Frequency Currents
In The Treatment Of Disease
Frederick Finch Strong:  X-Ray Tubes for High Frequency Coils
Frederick Finch Strong:  The Home-Treatment Of Tuberculosis by
High Frequency Currents
Frederick Finch Strong - A New System Of High Frequency Therapeutics
(Strong-Ovington Coil)
Some Peculiar Properties Of High Frequency Currents
Earle Ovington
Kinraide / Swett & Lewis "Boston" Ultraviolet Lamp
(Iron Arc Lamp)
Walter H. White:  New Set Of High Frequency Electrodes
for Jackson Coil (Swett & Lewis, Kinraide)
American X-Ray Journal - December 1900 Röntgen Ray Society
Kinraide, Kassabian, Monell, Waite, etc. talking about X-Ray Burns
and X-Ray Tubes Exploding (Imploding)...
High Frequency Currents - Dr. E. T. Nealey
Dr. Thos Blair - The X-Ray In Country Practice
The Ultra Violet Rays - Swett & Lewis / Kinraide UV Lamp
Book Excerpts  
* Frederick Finch Strong - High Frequency Currents - Excerpts
I consider this book the best ever written on high frequency currents.  Strong was not only a pioneer, but a historian.  A must-have book for collectors.

* High Frequency Currents (Entire book)

* Excerpts from Electro-Therapeutics, Röntgen Ray Apparatus:
   Kinraide Coils, as described by Kinraide in Sept. 1901

An interesting excerpt on "Kinraide Coils".  
* Excerpts from Monell's "System Of Instruction In X-Ray
  Methods...":  Kinraide and X-Ray Burns / High Frequency Burns

Here he describes the destructive effect of electricity on tissues, years before high frequency currents were mentioned for destroying tissues.
Kinraide found in Kassabian book
Kinraide in misc. books
Newspaper Clippings  
* Newspaper Clippings About Kinraide, Keely Motor, Kinraide Coils,
December 1920 Kinraide Legal Separation Headlines
Exhibited with permission from Boston Globe archives
Magazine Articles  
*  Curious Electrical Forms As Shown By Mr. T. Burton Kinraide's   
   Recent Photographs Of Electrical Discharges

    Anabel Parker, Century Magazine, 3 July 1902, Vol. LXIV

                     Image Gallery                    Text Version
Alrededor Del Mundo:  Imagenes curiosas de la electricidad
Around The World:  Curious Images Of The Electricity
Thomas Burton Kinraide, July 1902
Elihu Thomson:  Keely Reminiscences
A rare account of what really happened at Keely séances made
by Elihu Thomson and Professor Houston
Elihu Thomson:  Letter To Thomas Burton Kinraide
Elihu Thomson:  Letter To Frederick Finch Strong
A rare look at the diplomatic nature of Thomson regarding a
question still posed today:  Who invented the Tesla Coil?  Did
Thomson have priority over Tesla? 
Kinraide Coil, Jackson Coil, Cyclone Coil, Ajax Coil Ads
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Forgotten Physicians, Authors, Friends, and Family
Early Competition  
Electric Spark Photos for Salesmanship
Campbell Brothers X-Ray Pioneers, Lynn MA
Charles Edward Campbell and Fred Rupert Campbell
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