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The Model 2 Tesla Coil runs on a standard 120 volt 10 amp circuit.  The secondary coil and toroid discharge electrode disconnect for easy transport.  The base unit measures
16 inches in diameter by 20 inches tall.  This coil is designed to be powerful, yet portable.  Discharge length is over two feet long." 


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Model Two features a specially designed tungsten six-
segment heat sink cooled stationary gap, for long life and
excellent performance.  Behind this gap is a ball-type
adjustable safety gap.  In the back is the power source;
a 12 KV 60 ma. neon sign transformer.  On the right is
the tank capacitor (mica transmitting type.)


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Close-up view of the Model Two Primary and Secondary coil assemblies. The Primary coil is wound on high-grade phenolic blocks.
















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