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Model 5 Tesla Coil with quenched gap, circa 1975. 20" diameter torid with 5 foot arcs.

Model 5 Tesla Coil system with rack mounted power supply circa 1976.

Model 5D coil operating at 240 KHz and 450 KV, and 2.5 KVa input. Arcs are up to 5 feet long. Coil stands 40 inches high with a 20 inch diameter toroid.

Model 5D (same conditions a previous photo) but without a corona discharge rod attached to toroid. Time exposure 1.5 seconds.

Lowell Beezley on a pedestal insulator energized by the Model 5D Tesla Coil, at the International Tesla Society 1988 Symposium, during a demonstration and lecture given by Bill Wysock.

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