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Quoted articles from the Electrical Review are from Nikola Tesla - Lectures * Patents * Articles -
Published by Nikola Tesla Museum in 1956.

Tesla Oscillators And Other Inventions
April 1895 Century Magazine
Thomas Commerford Martin
On Roengten Rays
Electrical Review March 11, 1896
On Roentgen Rays (2) - Latest Results
Electrical Review March 18, 1896
On Reflected Roentgen Rays
Electrical Review April 1, 1896
On Roentgen Radiations
Electrical Review April 8, 1896
Roentgen Ray Investigations
Electrical Review April 22, 1896
An Interesting Feature Of X-Ray Radiations
Electrical Review July 8, 1896
Roentgen Rays Or Streams
Electrical Review August 12, 1896
On The Roentgen Streams
Electrical Review December 1, 1896
On The Hurtful Actions Of Lenard and Roentgen Tubes
Electrical Review May 5, 1897
On The Source of Roentgen Rays and
the Practical Construction And Safe
Operation Of Lenard Tubes
Electrical Review August 11, 1897
On Current Interrupters
Electrical Review March 15, 1899
Electrical Oscillators
Electrical Experimenter, July 1919
High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-therapeutic and Other Purposes
Electrical Engineer November 17, 1898
Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Electro-therapeutic Association,
Buffalo, NY, September 13, 14, 15, 1898
Electrical Engineer October 6, 1898
Tesla Obituary; Announcement of Prodigal Genius Biography:
Two clippings found in 1892 "Experiments with Alternate Currents
Of High Potential And High Frequency" Lecture Book