The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Jeff Behary, Curator
627 36th Street
Palm Beach, FL 33407

Phone: 954 253 3529

30. July 2006


To Whom It May Concern:

The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum is a public collection of original apparatus dating from the 1850s – 1940s.  Included in the collection are eight of the earliest surviving high frequency Tesla Coils built from 1896-1901 by X-Ray pioneer Thomas Burton Kinraide.  Also included are the remains of over 500 glass plate negatives that Mr. Kinraide made of electrical discharges and phenomenon often read about in Tesla lectures but scarcely documented photographically.

The museum also contains the archive of the H. G. Fischer Company, which includes 90 years of authentic medical apparatus that used Tesla patents and concepts.  This was only company never to have its apparatus banned for illegitimate claims, unlike the dozens of other companies that unethically mislead the public through quackery.  Included are over 3000 hand-drawn blueprints of X-Ray machines, Diathermy Machines, Surgical Tesla Coils, Alternating Current generators, and related apparatus and accessories for these devices;  Original lectures from the 1920s of what would today be considered “Tesla Conferences”; over 3 dozen magazines of physician records; and a wealth of catalogues, wiring diagraphs, original paperwork, invoices, etc.


The museum is also home to many early Tesla articles and publications, as well as an original obituary and several original Tesla Speedometers which were patented in 1916 and use his well-known “Tesla Turbine” design internally.

The latest task I am taking on at the museum is to try and enlighten the public about the original and earliest forms of Tesla Coils, of which there is so little information available.  I have started by doing what I can with the materials that I have.  The first effort is to recreate with three-dimensional CAD software color renderings of the original apparatus and patents with effort that the public might embrace these concepts more easily if presented in a more modern approach.


The next step is to gradually build each of the concepts into working prototypes that can be demonstrated at Tesla lectures and events across the world. 

My request is to all who may have original photos of Tesla oscillators from this period or have obscure information that could facilitate the reproductions of these apparatus to come forward and assist in this effort.  


I am not seeking financial support for this project, but do seek original materials such as silk and cotton covered enamel wire, hard rubber tubing and sheet, lead and tin foils, paraffin and beeswax, rosin, surplus brass machine stock, iron wire, copper strap, etc.  Also, services are requested such as the ability to do iron and brass castings for components of the mercury interrupters. 


Anyone who can offer information, period materials, or simply verbal support will be mentioned on a plaque that will accompany each reproduction that is created.  


Many thanks for your time,

Best regards,


Jeff Behary

The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum




Left:  Electrical Experimenter July 1919;  Right: Reproduction made by Jeff Behary



A selection of randomly published Tesla Oscillator photos from Electrical Experimenter 1919 issues and S.H. Monell’s “High Frequency Currents In Medicine And Dentistry”

”Tesla’s Tesla Coils”
Lecture on Tesla’s original coils and circuit controllers made from 1891 - 1897