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An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Historic Photographs of 1898 Alternating Current Kinraide Coil with X-Ray Tube
and relics from the life of Thomas Burton Kinraide
The Literary Digest 11 Feb. 1899
The Keely Motor Secret
Three Victor X-Ray Machines
Featured Collector Daniel Cuscela
Snook, Wantz, and...
(with many thanks to Lin!)
Early Victor Coolige X-Ray!
Building and Assembling the Jackson Coil
Testing the Jackson Coil
Jackson Coil In Operation!
Jackson Coil - Part 2 - In Operation!
Phantom Streams from Jackson Coil replica - Gallery
Phantom Stream Photos, higher definition
High Definition Phantom Stream video: 
High Definition Phantom Streams Slow Motion 
Phantom Stream Video 1: 
Extended Phantom Stream Video:
Medium Power Testing of Replica Jackson Coil
Phantom Stream Photos, including some isolated Negative...
15 Minute Video of Phantom Streams, both in darkness and light
1/8" Tungsten Spark Gap
3/16" Tungsten Spark Gap
Beautiful Fischer Cenco Tesla Coil
Baby German X-Ray Tubes
Small German X-Ray Tube in Box
Small German X-Ray Tube
Swett & Lewis Alternating Current
Kinraide Coil X-Ray Tube
X-Ray Waltzes - Endless thanks to Lita Tirak and Norman Elton
Dedicated to my friend Frank Jones
Victor Shockproof X-Ray Apparatus
Victor Pioneers Coolige, Wantz, Langmuir, Snook, Kearsley
Mcintosh Battery & Optic Co. Milliampere Meter
Lutz Neumann Tesla Lamp - Wireless Light
Charles Campbell Patent Assignment
Campbell L High Frequency Coil for Dentists
Campbell SureX X-Ray and Dental Ionization High Frequency Coil
Campbell CA Diathermy Machine
Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
HG Fischer FO / Thompson Plaster Cabinet Restoration - Arrival Photos
Homemade Tesla Coil Transformer
Testing Homemade Transformer with Pancake Coil
Video of testing homemade Transformer with Pancake Coil
Homemade Tesla Coil Transformer No. 2
Installed in replica Thomas Stanley Curtis Oudin Coil

Note:  Video of this is on my Facebook page
Video of replica Thomas Stanley Curtis Oudin Coil 
with homemade Transformer
Photos of a Low Tension Kicking Coil / Ignition Coil
1" Diameter Linear Component Tesla Coil
A. S. Aloe Universal Super Diatherm
Video of testing A S Aloe Super Diatherm
Waite & Bartlett Bedside X-Ray, WWI

Come see us at the opening of X-Ra*di*ance at Linda Matney Gallery
The weekend of 10. Feb 2013.  I want to see all of you :) !!!

Make your reservations NOW !!!  Do it as a Christmas present for yourself :) !!!
A mini Tesla vacation, so to speak.  I might even bring a coil so you can see
the effects live, for the first time since the 1890s !!!

See Tesla Coil discharges as art, both mine and Thomas Burton Kinraide's.
It is the first time electrical discharges are featured in a gallery since 1900!
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