The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2013...
Part F

Last Updated: Friday 20 November 2013, 23:47:00 EST
Tesla wireless Uranium Oxide Glass Crookes / Geissler / Vacuum Tubes
Vacuum Discharge Lamps (Tesla Wireless Lamps)
Rest In Peace, Bill Wysock
The Last Care Package From Bill & Francis Wysock
Jeff & The Hogan
Testing McIntosh Hogan with new transformer and reactance coil...
Making an 8-step Reactance Coil for the McIntosh Hogan
Brief testing of McIntosh Hogan with new 30kV transformer
Unpotting Mcintosh Hogan Transformer
20 Experimental Wireless / Electrodeless Tesla Vacuum Lamps
More Tesla Vacuum Lamps
Unpacking Dan's 1700s Static Machines
John Cuthbertson Static Machine
Benjamin Pike Jr Static Electric Machine
Jones of London Static Electric Machine
Early European Static Electric Machine
Hanovia Quartz Mercury Vapour Tube
General Electric 30kV Oil Tester
Repairing an Edwards Portable X-Ray Coil
Green & Bauer High Frequency X-Ray Tube
Giant 4 foot Toroids for John Grizzy's Tesla Coil
CADs to John Grizzy's Tesla Coil
Threading and Winding John Grizzy's Tesla Coils
Oil-Cooled 1/2" Tungsten Spark Gap for John Grizzy's Tesla Coil
Construction Photos of John Grizzy's Tesla Coil
300 Years of Electrical Fire (Slides)
Bianka, the new Violet Ray model
Lee Four (Keyed) Focus X-Ray Tube
Low Pressure Sodium Metal Vapour Lamp (SOX)
Experimental Copper Plating of Arc Carbons, etc.
Original Thomas Stanley Curtis Stage Coil
Kinraide Articles - Electrical Review 1897
YouTube Videos  
Campbell Brothers / Campbell Electric - their earliest Tesla X-Ray Coil
Early testing of a replica Kinraide Coil I made for Andy Barr
Brief and shaky test of 24-Plate Toepler Holtz machine
with a "new" antique Leyden Jar
Benjamin Pike Jr. Static Electric (Frictional Cylindrical Glass) Machine
Low Pressure Sodium Lamp (SOX), Flash Bulbs, Evacuating a Geissler Tube for Striations
Testing Stages of Oil-cooled Tungsten Spark Gap
Seattle lecture - Part 1
Seattle Lecture - Part 2
NHK / Japan Giants Of The Light And Shadow
Tesla Excerpt at Electrotherapy Museum
Redefining Tesla Technologies Excerpts with Frank Jones
All About Tesla - The Movie. German documentary. Electrotherapy Museum interview
Polarity Indicating Tube (Ondoscope tube) with 3.5kV 8mA NST and condenser
Some crude Moore Lamp experiments...Nitrogen filled lamp lit by electromagnet, back EMF
Jeff Behary Oil Painting- Autumn Mountain Sunset, painted in realtime, 40 minutes
Magic Of Oil Painting 32" x 56" Mural Mountain & Lake (Jeff Behary)
Jeff Behary 30 minute Painting Lesson
Another painting...for the wall or shooting range-
Jeff Behary Painting Sunset Mountains
Guyana Waterfall Painting - For Deopaul Persaud
Madeline and I painting Rita Roses
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