The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2014...
Part A

Last Updated: Tuesday 01 June 2014, 23:24:00 EST
Bill Wysock's Model 13M Initial Testing Video
Museum Fans and Revisiting 2013
Homemade Geissler Tubes & Cabinet
Fractals in Wood :)
Bill Wysock's Wappler Violet Ray
Andy's Oudin Resonator Sparks
Tesla Coil in a vacuum lamp showing nodes...
3KW DC Synchronous Rectified Jacob's Ladder
Plasma Columns :)
Calcium Tungstate Fluorescent Lamp Replica...Edisonesque?
Homemade Condenser and Triboluminescent Lamp from Chemistry Glass...
Homemade Carbon Electrode Condenser Lamp
Contrapole Violet Ray Console

Behary Lightning Plasma Tubes
Homemade Triboluminescent Geissler Tube
Ultraviolet Ozone High Frequency Water Purifier
Jerome Kidder Civil War Era Faradic Battery
McIntosh Early Cautery Transformer
Gothic Lightning-burned Vampyre Crosses
Fischer Combination E Cabinet
Fischer Interrupterless X-Ray Transformer
Fischer Portable "K"
Fischer Portables
Making Spider Lightning and Fulgurites for Pioneer TV /
Strangest Weather On Earth at FIT with Joseph Dwyer
Induction Lamp Experiments
Lightning Struck Wood Art 1
Lightning Struck Wood Art 2
Collophony / Rosin Experimental Vacuum Lamps
MOL-AC-II Shock Therapy Device
Experimental Electrodeless Sulphur Lamps
Hoisting up a 4 foot Toroid on Grizzy's Giant Tesla Coil
VeeDee Mechanical Vibrator
Hanging Out with Daniel Cuscela:  Benjamin Franklin
Hanging Out with Daniel Cuscela:  George Adams
Hanging Out with Daniel Cuscela:  An Epitome Of Electricity
Hanging Out with Daniel Cuscela:  Joseph Priestley on 
Different Kinds Of Air (3 Vol)
Hanging Out with Daniel Cuscela:  Tiberius Cavallo
Hanging Out with Daniel Cuscela and his amazing collection
Baby 28 Watt Tesla Coil, 4" Sparks 6" Effluve
Picking up a 16 Plate Birtman Static Machine in Lafayette LA
Jacob's Ladder for OSHA ;)
Extraordinary foot powered Toepler Holtz Static Machine
Made by Rob Vandaal
Wappler Hyfrex Coil - Featured Collector Frank Jones
Gezondheid genezing en herstel door de hoogfrequente stroom
Thanks to Chris Jensen!
Ten foot tall "Grizzy" Tesla Coil Construction Photos...
Brief "first light"...working out bugs still :) 
Immaculate French X-Ray Mercury Jet Interrupter
Featured Collector Frank Jones
Tesla / Edison Battle Of The Fluorescent Lamp Article
Gallery of images for Tesla / Edison Lamp Battle
  Behary Stationary Spark Tube
  Making an artificial fulgurite
  Tim Purvis / Florida Flywheelers
  Tim Purvis / Florida Flywheelers 2
  Electrical storm in a bottle
  Argon storm in a bottle
  Lighting a homemade lamp with shortwave
  Wolfgang Linschmann Geissler Tube 1
  Wolfgang Linschmann Geissler Tube 2
  Wolfgang Linschmann Geissler Tube 3
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 1
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 2
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 3
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 4
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 5
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 6
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 7
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 8
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 9
  Lutz Neumann Glassblowing 10
Short video of Jacob's Ladder
Wappler Hyfrex Coil
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