The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2014...
Part B

Replica 1888 2 Phase Induction Motor (prop) and an awesome sketch by Kelly of the same...thanks Kelly!

Last Updated: Saturday 13 December 2014

Swett & Lewis Bulletin 24
Static Machines, X-Ray Supples, Electrotherapeutical Apparatus
Kelly, the new Violet Ray collector and experimenter
Cameron Cauterodyne Spark Gap / Tube Combo Circuit Electrosurgical Machine
Campbell E Tesla Coil "Guts"
Edison 2.5 Kilowatt Dynamo Closeup "Details"
Fitzgerald (Salesman sample?) Complete Set Of Violet Ray Electrodes
Tesla Coil Tuning Capacitor Spark Gap, Adjustable in tiny increments
by using 27 pitch and 28 pitch screw threads
Violet Ray Surface Electrode with X-Ray Vacuum
Kidder High Tension Faradic Coil
Crookes Tube with 3 Mark Coin Inside
Crookes Tubes with Fluorescent Mineral Inside 1

Crookes Tubes with Fluorescent Mineral Inside 1


Crookes Persistence Of Gas Tube
Simplex Violet Ray
Wappler Desk Top style Wall Plate
Piffard Safety X-Ray Tube
Early Transformer Type X-Ray Tube
Wappler Archive of Catalogues 1925-1926
Geissler Lamps made from test tubes
Homemade Geissler Tube display art
New power supply for studying electrical discharges
Oscilloscope / Ondoscope tube showing DC polarity of Oscillatory
Power Supply for studying electrical discharges
Calcium Tungstate Sulphur Tube
Crude Tesla Egg Of Columbus Concept
Fitzgerald Violet Ray
Oscilloscope Tube showing polarity in low current Tesla Coil
Seeley Vulcan Coil with Green & Bauer X-Ray Tube
Seeley Vulcan Coil Flaming Arcs
Electrostatic Spider Resurrected from Death and then killed by Static Spark...
Longoria Violet Ray patents
Kicking Coil with Pancake Coil, 30W, 4" Sparks
Mcintosh Hogan on High Power
Antonio Longoria and his "Death Ray"
Crookes Puluj Tube Slow Motion
Crookes Puluj Tube
Crookes Radiometer Tube Slow Motion
Crookes Radiometer Tube
Crookes Paddlewheel Tube Slow Motion
Crookes Paddlewheel Tube
Crookes Maltese Cross Tube
Crookes Maltese Cross Tube Slow Motion
Double Crookes Radiometer
Backyard Lightning 005
Backyard Lightning 006
Backyard Lightning 004
Backyard Lightning 003
Backyard Lightning 002
Backyard Lightning 001
1888 Atkinson Toepler Holtz Static Machine
South Florida Heat Lightning at sunset
Amazing Heat Lightning
More South Florida Heat Lightning
Striations in a Geissler Tube
Uranium Oxide Glass Geissler Tube with Tesla Coil
inside showing discharges with nodes
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