The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2015...
Part C

Last Updated: Sunday 05 May 2015

Conical Tesla Coil powered by Aloe Diathermy, Part 1
Conical Tesla Coil powered by Aloe Diathermy, Part 2

See Thru Fischer Diathermy Machines
McIntosh 8555 Diathermy with Conical Tesla Coil
Conical Secondary Tesla Coil
Hydrocarbon Enclosed Spark Gaps
Brief test of Hydrocarbon Spark Gap with < 300V
Dynelectron Tesla Coil
Fischer G Tesla Coil
Frank's Coil
Kelly McJilton's Latest Photos
Rose Tesla Coil
Kellogg Tissue Oscillator
Wappler Tesla X-Ray Tubes 1
Wappler Tesla X-Ray Tubes 2
Wappler Family Photos
Kelly's Wappler Violet Ray
Wappler Accessories - Galvanic, Faradic, High Frequency
Wappler Overhead Ariel System
Wappler Bellevue X-Ray
Wappler Cassette Changer
Wappler Composite X-Ray
Wappler X-Ray Transformer Controller
Wappler Cystoscopic Table
Wappler Deep Therapy X-Ray
Wappler Dental X-Ray
Wappler Duplex X-Ray
Wappler Clark Excell High Frequency
Wappler Number Four Table
Wappler Junior Fluoroscope
Wappler King Model X-Ray
Wappler Monex Valve X-Ray
Wappler Portable X-Ray
Wappler Senior Fluoroscope
Wappler Senior Dental X-Ray

Wappler Wyeth Endotherm
Wappler Electrotherm,
Wappler Teletherm Machines
Wappler Vertex X-Ray
Wappler X-Ray Accessories
Edwards 1916 X-Ray Catalogue (PDF)
When is Diagnosis Not a Diagnosis?
Edwards Safe-T Dental X-Ray
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