The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2015...
Part E

Last Updated: Wednesday 03 June 2015

Violet Ray Coil Display Cases
Phantom streams photographed with quartz lens UV camera
Carbon Arc Lamp Carbons
Oscillations in Coffee
New form of spirit writing ;)
Fresnel-ly cats and ducks...
Oil-Filled Pancake Coil
Flaming Arc Stills
Master Combination Violet Ray/Vibrator Outfit
Unique Campbell Electric Spark Gap
Tesla Long Island Experiments, Kicking Coils and Pancake Coils
Io and Baby Bear
Io and Baby Bear 2
English Magneto Electric Machine
Old CPU pics
Old CPU pics 2
Old CPU pics 3
More Prague Coil High Res Pics
Early assembly photos of Prague Coil
Construction photos of Prague Coil
The "Wysock Special" for Bill Wysock
Construction photos of "Wysock Special"
A webcam message from Madeline and I... 09 May 2015 - Duration- 16 seconds
Frederick Morse Wave Generator - Duration- 2 minutes, 53 seconds
Mcintosh Polysine guts... - Duration- 61 seconds
Fischer Tesla X-Ray, lowest power setting - Duration- 3 minutes, 43 seconds
The closest thing to an original Tesla Coil - Duration- 3 minutes, 25 seconds
Kicking coil low frequency Pancake Coil .32 mfd - Duration- 44 seconds
Czech Violet Ray Avus Svetlo barba teplo ozon - Duration- 3 minutes, 40 seconds
Slow motion flaming arcs from Pancake Coil - Duration- 36 seconds
Single layer induction coil, 240V spark gap 10mfd - Duration- 12 seconds
Lighting lamp w Tesla Long Island Notes Oscillator - Duration- 37 seconds
3.33 MFD Kicking Coil Tesla - Duration- 98 seconds
Mejla and Munchies Sleeping... - Duration- 43 seconds
Testing neon with pulsed power supply - Duration- 3 minutes, 48 seconds
F. Geiger Violet Ray Machine - Duration- 57 seconds
Testing neon, pulsed neon - Duration- 2 minutes, 1 second
16 gauge wire Pancake Coil with Kicking Coil - Duration- 98 seconds
Kicking coil Tesla Coil - Duration- 5 seconds
8th speed - Duration- 3 minutes, 1 second
Quack Medical Horse Kellogg Tissue Oscillator- - Duration- 20 seconds
Homemade Tesla Lamp Art, Vacuum Lamps - Duration- 97 seconds
Slow motion flaming arcs from Pancake Coil - Duration- 36 seconds
Slow Motion Flaming Arcs 1-8th speed, 10" - Duration- 84 seconds
1-8th speed Slow Motion Flaming Arcs - Duration- 71 seconds
Frank Jones coils sparks up close... - Duration- 10 seconds
Remembering Bill Wysock of Tesla Technology Research, 2005 - Duration- 12 minutes
Testing Conical Coil with propane spark gap - Duration- 112 seconds
Phantom Streams, 10-12", diffused, from coarse wire secondary (20 AWG) - Duration- 5 minutes, 3 seconds
Low power testing of 9" Pancake coil, ca. 400T - Duration- 18 seconds
Brief test of 9" Pancake medium power - Duration- 14 seconds
390V hydrocarbon tungsten spark gap - Duration- 13 seconds
Melting zinc... - Duration- 53 seconds
Molten brass from homemade carbon arc furnace - Duration- 6 seconds
Edwards Instrument Company Violet Ray - Duration- 2 minutes, 26 seconds
Pancake Tesla Coil with electromagnetic gap - Duration- 106 seconds
Fischer Diathermy Machine turned into a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter - Duration- 3 minutes, 26 seconds
Wappler Violet Ray from Bill Wysock - Duration- 3 minutes, 38 seconds
Bovie Junior Electrosurgical Diathermy Part 1 - Duration- 49 seconds
Bovie Part 2, Diathermy, Coagulation, and Scalpel - Duration- 87 seconds
Brief testing of 9" Pancake Tesla Coil, 1KW - Duration- 13 seconds
Crookes Tube with a man inside - Duration- 84 seconds
Combination Triboluminescent / mercury vapour tube - Duration- 48 seconds
Slow motion, mercury in a Geissler tube... - Duration- 4 minutes, 34 seconds
Wireless light, propane gas under vacuum, Tesla - Duration- 24 seconds
Poulsen Arc inspired experiment - Duration- 15 seconds
Spirit writing in oscillating coffee ;) - Duration- 47 seconds
Vibrations in liquid (coffee) - Duration- 52 seconds
Testing a 9" Pancake Tesla Coil, flat spiral - Duration- 59 seconds
Homemade Tesla bulb - Duration- 62 seconds
Striations in a propane-backfilled Geissler Tube - Duration- 108 seconds
Low voltage Tesla Coil hydrocarbon spark gap - Duration- 84 seconds
Inside-out Tesla Pancake Coil - Duration- 21 seconds
2.375 x 10" Tesla Coil test - Duration- 18 seconds
Sperti Sunlamp - Duration- 90 seconds
Testing Pancake Coil with oil-insulated center post - Duration- 59 seconds
Sound from a wine glass - Duration- 33 seconds
Tesla Coil for Frank Jones - Duration- 109 seconds
Madeline blowing bubbles slow motion - Duration- 34 seconds
Baby Raccoon - Duration- 10 seconds
Brushing my friend's hair... - Duration- 19 seconds
Mejla on Easter - Duration- 5 seconds
Sumo on Easter - Duration- 25 seconds
Bulldog & Butterscotch - Duration- 55 seconds
Julian playing Hammond Organ... - Duration- 35 seconds
Sleepy Family Pet Portrait - Duration- 25 seconds
Old footage, Prague Coil - Duration- 11 seconds
Old footage, Magneto Electric Machine - Duration- 10 seconds
Old footage, Flaming Arc Tesla Coil - Duration- 3 seconds
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