The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2016...
Part G

20 Years, Full Circle

Last Updated: Saturday 02 April 2016

1700's Static Books
Frank S Betz 1910 X-Ray Ozone Apparatus
Frank S Betz Static Electric Machine Electrodes
Tiberius Cavallo Treatise On Electricity
Kenneth Strickfaden Replica Cosmic Ray Diffuser
Dan's House
The Adventures with Dave Archer and Scruffy The Terrierist,
RIP Bill Wysock and Long Live Models 4 and Model 7
Dr. Frederick Finch Strong personal scrapbook, before photos
Frank S "Betzy" Static Machine, 12"+ Sparks
Kidde Dry Ice Machine.  No you cannot Vape with it.
Steampunk Stainless Steel Kinraide Coil
Replica Kenneth Strickfaden Lightning Screen
Replica Kenneth Strickfaden Nebularium
New Toys, Part One of Who's Counting...
More New Toys, Adrian Shoe-Fitting X-Ray, 1700s Static...
Joe Carnation - Joe is a great musician in Prague, plays for the
legendary band Plastic People Of The Universe and does some
amazing Underground Blues Sessions as well, and much much more.
Joseph Priestley on Different Kinds Of Air
10 KW 100kV Snook X-Ray!
Static Electric Machines, Absinth, and the great poet Pavel Zajíček's
Time is a Midnight Scream.  Pavel was thrown in jail along with Mejla
(Hlavsa, not my bulldog).  And well, this caused events that led to an
important revolution...Charter '77...Downfall of communism 1989...
Meters and Strickfaden Coils
The magnificent Eva Turnová, Turnový Háj 1 2 3 4...  
Musician, Painter, Writer, Bass Guitarist, What could be better?...
Ultraviolet Baby...
Andy Warhol Museum and the Czech Underground...
I went there to talk about Václav Havel, Plastic People Of The Universe,
Joe Carnation, Eva Turnová, DG 307, Ivan Martin Jirous, Ivan Král, Jaroslav
Diblík, Milos Zajíček, and other great dissidents...
...and we visited family in Pittsburgh...I should go more often than every 20 years...
Who Wantz X-Rays?
X-Rays on Magic Lantern Slides
X-Ray-ted Cabinet...
  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust... Lichtenberg Figures by Kelly McJilton
Rhumkorff ŕ Paris Faradic Coil Faradique....
Physico-Mechanical Experiments Touching On Light And Electricity
Francis Hauksbee, 1709
Kenneth Strickfaden Nebulizer clip - Duration- 9 seconds
Parabolic Jacobs Ladder - Duration- 70 seconds
8 speed static electricity 12" sparks - Duration- 95 seconds
Static Electricity 12"+ sparks - Duration- 85 seconds
Static Electricity in dark, 12" sparks - Duration- 13 seconds
Static electricity shocks... - Duration- 68 seconds
Toepler Holtz, no lights, no Leyden Jars - Duration- 19 seconds
Toepler Holtz Sparks no Leyden Jars - Duration- 33 seconds
Piffard Hyperstatic Transformer sold by Western X-Ray - Duration- 66 seconds
Frank S Betz Static testing...with Leyden Jars - Duration- 50 seconds
Static Induced Currents in a Lion - Duration- 18 seconds
Frank S Betz Toepler Holtz Static Electric Machine - Duration- 46 seconds
Dave Archer and Bill Wysock's Model 4 Tesla Coil - Duration- 11 seconds
Lightning Screen at various power levels - Duration- 42 seconds
Lightning Screen Slow Motion - Duration- 20 seconds
Kenneth Strickfaden Lightning Screen - Duration- 14 seconds
Mejla being silly with the cat - Duration- 89 seconds
Florida lightning 2 - Duration- 16 seconds
Florida lightning... - Duration- 8 seconds
Wolfgang Linschmann Crookes Tube - Duration- 26 seconds
Lightning struck tree art, Lichtenberg Figures - Duration- 25 seconds
More Kinraide plumous discharges slow motion - Duration- 8 minutes, 59 seconds
Kinraide experiment showing slow motion plumes - Duration- 106 seconds
Cosmic Ray Diffuser 2 - Duration- 51 seconds
Cosmic Ray Diffuser - Duration- 46 seconds
GoPro video footage of 11 ft tall Tesla Coil, The guy holding the camera was a little shaky! - Duration- 106 seconds
6" Static Sparks from 1885 Atkinson Machine - Duration- 93 seconds
Oudin Resonator from Mcintosh Hogan - Duration- 14 seconds
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