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Location:  Underground  /   Mobile:  (954) 253-3529

To visit  us in person, please email and phone to make an appointment.  This is a private collection, however we can occasionally accept visitors on weekends and after normal business hours. 

To our surprise, this website receives an astonishing 7.5 million hits per year from around the world.
Feel free to drop us a line or call with any questions and comments regarding the website, research, etc.

Are you making a movie or radio program?  We welcome film crews and media requests.  There is nothing we enjoy more
than telling the stories of the machines, inventors, and apparatus to even wider audiences.  We also rent historical items
for use as props and set dressing and even will even escort machines to consult crews how to safely operate them for television and film.  We also build replicas of historical items, as both functioning and non-functioning props, and offer a variety of consultation services.  Do you need arcs or sparks for your next production?  We can also provide high voltage effects.

As seen on:
History Channel's
Modern Marvels:
"Mad Electricity"
Travel Channel's
Mysteries at the Museum:
"Reagan limousine and
Keely's Motor"
Palm Beach Senior/Boomer
Wenneker.TV and
"Struck By Lightning"
Fuji Television Network:
Miracle Events Unbelievable
"Panic In The Air"
Gendai Productions:
Giants Of The Light
and Shadow: 
 Tesla vs. Edison
Michael Krause film:
All About Tesla:
The Research
Robert D. Campbell:
"Reminiscences of a
Birdman" - Living History
Press, LLC
Bob McCoy:
"Quack! Tales Of Medical
Fraud", Santa Monica

Frank is an amazing collector and person.  He is better than any museum (including this one!).  From Queen's X-Ray tubes,
to an original Rhumkorff Coil, to the rarest of the rare...all fortunately owned by someone nice enough to share such treasures!

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