Jeff Behary · underground artist
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From Molten Metal to Millions of Volts, Welcome to my World - Centuries of History,
CHAOS, Madness, ARCS, Sparks, ABSINTHE, X-rays, and Forgotten ARTS...



11 foot tall electrical coil I engineered for an OSHA VIP to produce lightning on demand...

Twenty years ago I discovered a part of history that was forgotten...but on looking closer, I discovered it wasn't
forgotten so much as obscured... hidden...even destroyed.  Sometimes by politics, sometimes by wealth, and
most often by ignorance.  300 years worth of history.  So I decided to figure out the truth.  It meant combing the country
for things that supposedly never existed...  It meant finding the last known copies of books thought to have all been burned or banished.
It meant subjecting myself to endless dangers in the quest of knowledge and truth.  People started talking...
The website had millions of visitors a year... and soon I was surrounded by people from around the world.
Scientists.  Doctors.  Historians.  Physicists.  Artists.  Dissidents.  Musicians.  Actors.  Film Producers.  Everyday people.
I documented and restored over 500 machines.  I took over a 200,000 photos.  I replicated obscure work not witnessed in centuries.
It was extraordinary fun.  And now...I'm waiting for the next adventure.

My collection is still on display (in part) if you know where to find me...

  Opening of X-RA*DI*ANCE Art exhibit at Linda Matney Gallery, Williamsburg VA  

Solar Flares

Filiciform Electricity



Primordal Film

Uranium Oxide Blown Glass Wireless Light Bulbs


Some of my Oil Paintings

Lightning Burned Wood Art
  Michael Krause's film "All About Tesla:  The Movie" (Germany)  

  National Geographic's series "American Genius"  

  Snovonne Snowhite "Freezing Skin" (Extended Version) and "Making Of..." Music Video Collaborations
  Spanish TV special on the "Death Ray" by Antonio Longoria  
  Travel Channel's Mysteries At The Museum  
  NHK Japanese TV "Giants Of The Light And Shadow"  
  Wenneker TV's "Struck By Lightning" (Holland)  
  Various episodes of "Strangest Weather On Earth 2", Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, Channel 4 (UK)  
  ABC's Forever  
  History Channel's Modern Marvels  
1700-1800s Static Electricity 

Portable Tesla X-Ray Lecture

Demonstrating early AC generators

Demonstrating early X-Ray Machines

Showing Electrotherapy Machines

Lighting Lamps Wirelessly in Salt Lake City

Demonstrating Surgical Techniques to Physicians in Seattle

Teaching Post Civil War Static Electricity

Demonstrating how to test and tune original Frankenstein props
  Public Acheivements  

Television Programmes:
American Genius, National Geographic/Stephen David Productions (USA), 2015
Forever, ABC/Time Warner (USA), 2014
Strangest Weather On Earth Series II, Weather Channel (USA) Channel 4 (UK), 2014
American Restoration, History Channel (USA), 2014
American Pickers, History Channel (USA), 2014
Strangest Weather On Earth, Weather Channel (USA) Channel 4 (UK), 2013
Mysteries At The Museum 2, Travel Channel (USA), 2012
Giants Of The Light And Shadow, NHK TV (Japan), 2010
Modern Marvels “Mad Electricity”, History Channel (USA), 2008
Somewhere Out There, Pilot Episode, Toronto (Canada), 2007
Disinformation TV, (UK), 2001
Movies / Films:
Struck By Lightning, Wenneker TV (Netherlands), 2012
All About Tesla: The Research, Maxim Films (Germany), 2007
Miracle Events Unbelievable, Fuji Film, (Japan), 2003
Music Video:
Snowhite (Freezing Skin), Snovonne (Slovakia, USA), 2013
"Making Of..." Snowhite Video, Snovonne (Slovakia, USA) 2013
Capacity for Murder, Bernadette Pajer, Poised Pen Press, 2013
Reminiscences Of A Birdman, Robert Campbell, Living History Press, 2009
Quack! Tales of Medical Fraud, Bob McCoy, Santa Monica Press, 2001
Magazines and Periodicals:
New Glass Review 37, Corning Museum Of Glass, 2016
Palm Beach Senior/Boomer, Cover story, November 2012
Colors (Italy), 2012
Aunt Minnie Radiology News (Worldwide Web), 2011
Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (USA, Canada), 2010
Flyer Magazine (UK), 2002
Sail Magazine (USA), 2002
Art Exhibits:
Linda Matney Gallery X-RA*DI*ANCE, Curated by Lita Tirak, Williamsburg VA, 2013
Public Lectures published on DVD:
 The Quest For Kinraide, Long Island, NY, 2011
 History of High Frequency Coils in Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
  Real History Of Electrotherapy, Seattle, WA, 2007
  150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla, Long Island, NY, 2006
 Redefining Tesla Technologies, Salt Lake City, UT, 2005
 Turn Of The Century Discoveries, Washington DC , 2004
Radio Interview:
  “Questions Questions”, BBC Radio (United Kingdom), 2005




Gift from Nikola Tesla's closest relative William Terbo.
I have been considered one of the top authorities on the work of Nikola Tesla, and am grateful and honoured for that.

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