The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum:  Library
Röntgen Rays, Roentgen Rays, and X-Rays


Featured Collector Frank Jones:
Franklin Institute - 1897 X-Rays by Willyoung and Sayen (PDF)
Featured Collector Dr. Daniel Cuscela:
Practical X-Ray Therapy - Noble M. Eberhart
Kelelet X-Ray (Kelly-Koett) Paperwork
McIntosh Battery & Optic Co Paperwork
(Silent Hogan, Portable Coils, Table Plate)
Kinraide Coil Ads
American X-Ray Journal Oct 1902
Edison's Fluorescing Vacuum Lamp
(and other 1896 X-Ray articles)
PDF from Featured Collector Frank Jones
Notes On X-Light by William Rollins:
Part I:  Notes
Notes On X-Light by William Rollins:
Part 2:  Diagrams
Condensed X-Ray Guide by Eberhart  
Curtis High Frequency Apparatus  
A Working Manual Of High Frequency Currents
by Noble M. Eberhart  
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapy Conference
Drake Hotel, Chicago, Oct. 12 - 16
Betzco (Frank S. Betz) Catalog
Hettinger Catalog  
McIntosh Hogan Cabinet  
McIntosh Hogan Booklet
The Jackson Coil Catalog  
The Kinraide Coil  
L. E. Knott High Frequency Apparatus  
L. E. Knott Influence Machine  
Meyrowitz High Frequency X-Ray Catalog  
Wm. James Morton - Cancer Treatments
Scheidel Western Catalog Of X-Ray Apparatus  
Sir William Crookes - On Radiant Matter  
William Benham Snow
Currents Of High Potential Of High And Other Frequencies
Standard X-Ray Apparatus  
Frederick Finch Strong - High Frequency Currents
Swett And Lewis X-Ray Coils And Tubes  
Thompson Plaster Manual  
Thompson Plaster Instructions  
Wagner Catalog  
Wappler Wiring Diagrams  
Wappler Ads
Sinclair Tousey
Medical Electricity, Röntgen Rays And Radium, Revised Second Edition
(Individual Chapters Below)
 General Considerations
 Static Electricity
 Dynamic Electricity
 Electricity Occurring In Plants And Animals
 Physiologic Effects Of Electricity
 Ionic Medication By Electrolysis
 Examples Of Galvanic, Faradic,
 And Sinusoidal Electrotherapy
 Physiologic And Therapeutic Effects
 of Electromagnets
 Electricity In Diseases Of The Nervous System
 High-Frequency Currents
 Phenomenon Accompanying The
 Transmission Of Electricity Through Gases
 The X-Ray
 Colour Plates
Keystone Electric Company Electro-therapeutic
Appliance Catalogue
Excerpts from Granger - Physical Therapeutic Technique

Thomas Burton Kinraide:
Pioneer of X-Ray and High Frequency Apparatus /
Electric Discharge Photos

Cox Cavendish Catalogue of X-Ray Apparatus and Electro-
Medical Apparatus and Allied Apparatus of every description.
The Theory, Design, And Construction Of Induction Coils
by H. Armagnat
Induction Coils:  How To Make, Use, And Repair Them
by HS Norrie
Induction Coils:  A Practical Manual For The Amateur
Coil-Maker by GE Bonney
Grosse Flamme Coil Operating Instructions
The Large Glass Shelf
with some X-Ray Tubes, Crookes Tubes, Violet Ray
Electrodes, and various manuals...
Frank S. Betz "Betzco" Twin Pole Cabinet
Frank S. Betz became Betzco; Betzco was absorbed by A. S. Aloe; H. G. Fischer made all of their machines...?!
Norman Rockwell Visits A Family Doctor...
...with a Thompson Plaster, Fischer X-Ray
Stand, UV Lamp, and several friends doing
reproduction scenarios...
Victor Electric Archive
An original 1920s Repairman's manual!
A. S. Aloe Company Archive - Employee Photos
I wonder which of them were afraid of the "Lightning"?
H. G. Fischer Original Blueprint Drawings
Hand-drawn in pencil, here are some wonderful rare originals.  The first page is of the familiar output connection on all Fischer Diathermy Machines for the Indifferent, Low, Medium, and
High Voltages!
H. G. Fischer Magazines
Here are records of many authentic uses of
Tesla Coils in electrotherapeutics and surgery. 

31 Original Issues from the H. G. Fischer archives!
H. G. Fischer Catalogues
A collection of rare booklets and catalogues from the archives
of H. G. Fischer.
Campbell Electric Archive
Electro-Radiation Company
Frederick Finch Strong
Excerpts from W. H. Guilleminot "Electricity
In Medicine - Translated into English by
Deane Butcher
Electro-Therapy in the Abstract:
Thompson Plaster Editions
Frank struck gold with these two books.  These machines were all manufactured by H. G. Fischer.
Electro-Radiation Company
Frederick Finch Strong
H. G. Fischer - DSP-20 Shockproof X-Ray Machine
H. G. Fischer - Shockproof X-Ray Catalogue
Electrical Influence Machines - John Gray
The Construction Of Large Induction Coils - A. T. Hare
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet

Many thanks to the Kincaids for this booklet!
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine Manual
Schall & Son:  Electro-Medical Instruments And Their Management
H. G. Fischer - Fischer Accessories
H. G. Fischer - Type "FO" Therapeutic Cabinet
H. G. Fischer - Type FO & LO Electrotherapeutic Treatment Outfits
Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company Catalogue
Swett & Lewis:  The Cyclone Coil (TB Kinraide)
H. G. Fischer Postcards
Elihu Thomson and Thomas Edison X-Ray Tubes Ad
Kinraide's Spring Park Laboratory Ad for Fluoroscopes and Screens
Dinner with William Benham Snow
Drault X-Ray Coil Booklet and Translation!
Campbell Model I High Frequency Coil
and X-Ray and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Crookes Tubes And Static Machines -
S. H. Monell - Feb. 6, 1897
H. G. Fischer - Simplified Manual Of X-Ray Technic
Mihran Krikor Kassabian:  Röntgen Rays and
Electrotherapeutics - Many thanks Frank!
H. G. Fischer Surgical Diathermy &
Custom Electrodes Blueprints

Part I, 125 pages
H. G. Fischer - Adapters for Campbell, Waite & Bartlett,
Kelly Koett, Westinghouse, Acme, Engeln, Victor, Aloe,
Liebel Flarsheim, Bovie, etc.
A Brief Outline:  The History Of  H. G. Fischer Corp.
H. G. Fischer - Motor And Pump Instructions
H. G. Fischer / Thompson Plaster Eurisco Instructions
Dr. Howard Plank Actinctotherapy And Allied Physical Therapy /
Diathermy Hyperpyrexia Electrodes
Treatment of Acute Roentgen Ray Dermatitis (Walter J. Dodd)
Kinraide Coil, Jackson Coil, Cyclone Coil, Ajax Coil Ads
Eleventh Annual Meeting Of American Electro-Therapeutic Association
Held in Buffalo, NY Sept 24, 25, 26 1901:  Thomas Burton Kinraide
Many thanks to Juan Pablo Rozas for sharing these rare X-Ray items from a unique Spanish X-Ray pioneer.

Sanchez Electric Laboratories - X-Ray and High Frequency Coil


Aparato Generador de Rayos X Sanchez y Corrientes de Alta Frecuencia


Apparato Portatil De Rayos X Sanchez y Alta Frecuencia

Frederick Finch Strong:  X-Ray Tubes for High Frequency Coils
Victor:  A Little Journey Into The Realms Of The X-Ray
Alrededor Del Mundo:  Imagenes curiosas de la electricidad
Around The World:  Curious Images Of The Electricity
Thomas Burton Kinraide, July 1902
American X-Ray Journal - December 1900 Röntgen Ray Society
Kinraide, Kassabian, Monell, Waite, etc. talking about X-Ray Burns
and X-Ray Tubes Exploding (Imploding)...
Electric Spark Photos for Salesmanship
Kinraide Patents Filed In Germany
Booklet for McIntosh Hogan - Super Rare!!
Photographs from Campbell Electric Company!
Shutts & Walters Co. - Distributors of Victor, Scheidel Western, Van Houten & Ten Broek; Finsen Lamp; W. B. Snow Electrodes