The Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum
What's New?!

What's New?  August  2005

Electrical Experimenter Oct 1915 - Nikola Tesla sues
Marconi; Electric Spark Pictures; Aurora Borealis; Make a
Simple Carbon Arc Lamps; Wireless Apparatus; Seeley
X-Ray Tube Patent; Etc.
A Selection of Mutoscope Cards
(including a Kellogg Tissue Oscillator)
McIntosh Portable Diathermy Cabinet #8455
HG Fischer Accessories (Diathermy, Physiotherapy)
Large Quenched Spark Gap for Tesla Coils:
5-Series with 1/2" Diameter Thoriated Tungsten Contacts
Surprise Lichtenberg Figures From Accidental Arc!
Victor X-Ray Image Gallery
McIntosh Hogan at Tesla Technology Conference
Many Thanks to Frank and Dwight!
Tri-Fold For Salt Lake City  Tesla Technology Conference

Low Resolution PDF                   High Resolution PDF
Argon Discharges
Winding A Pancake Coil
Fischer Cenco Discharge Variety
Kinraide Multilayer Conical Coil System
Twin Pole Diathermy Machine Melt Down Photos
Letter from William Terbo to the Tesla Memorial Society
Members concerning the Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum

Forgotten Pioneer of X-Rays and Tesla Technologies:
Thomas Burton Kinraide of Jamaica Plain, MA

Canal Ray Tube
Canal Rays, Channel Rays, Kanal Strahlen
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