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If you have a book not contained in the Library, please email us.  We are always looking for more books, photocopies, scans, etc.  Some of these books are the only known surviving copies.


* A. S. Aloe Catalog 
* A. S. Aloe Lightning Cabinet Instructions 
* Bleadon Dun Violetta Violet Ray Manual 
 Bleadon Dun "Violet Rays As Applied With The
 Violetta" (Improved copy)
* Cesco - Chicago Electric Scientific
  Violet Ray / ETP Leak Tester Manual  
* Chas A. Branston Violet Ray Manual 
* Chinese Violet Ray Manual  
* Translation For Chinese Violet Ray Manual  
* Condensed X-Ray Guide by Eberhart  
* Contra-Pole Violet Ray 
* Curtis High Frequency Apparatus  
* Daniel Davis Manual Of Magnetism  
* Diathermy Simplified by H. G. Fischer  
* Diathermy Therapy by H. G. Fischer  
* Eastern Laboratory Marvel Violet Ray  
* A Working Manual Of High Frequency Currents
   by Noble M. Eberhart  
* Electra-Ply Manual   
* Electreat Manual   
* H. G. Fischer Color Scale  
* H. G. Fischer G2 Diathermy Instructions  
* H. G. Fischer Model J Violet Ray  
* H. G. Fischer Type M Violet Ray  
 H. G. Fischer Magazine Feb 1926
H. G. Fischer Magazine Sept 1924
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapy Conference
Drake Hotel, Chicago, Oct. 12 - 16
Betzco (Frank S. Betz) Catalog
* Health And Healing And Recovery
  with   High Frequency  
* Hettinger Catalog  
* McIntosh Hogan Cabinet  
* McIntosh Hogan Booklet
* The Jackson Coil Catalog  
* The Kinraide Coil  
* L. E. Knott High Frequency Apparatus  
* L. E. Knott Influence Machine  
* Master Appliance Violet Rays  
Master Appliances for Health And Beauty:
Violet Rays, Therapeutic Lights, Curling Iron Heaters
* Master Electric Violet Rays  
* Mc-Intosh Polysine Generator
* Mc-Intosh Battery Catalog  
* Meyrowitz High Frequency X-Ray Catalog  
* Montgomery Wards Violet Ray  
* Wm. James Morton - Cancer Treatments
* Multilayer Disruptive Discharge Tesla Coils  
* Oscilloclast Manual  
* Oxypathor / Oxydonor Manual  
* Ozone Therapy Manual  
* Pulvermacher Catalog  
* Re'juvin Violet Ray Manual  
* Renulife Health Beauty Strength Booklet  
* Renulife Health Generator  
* Renulife Treatment Chart / Instructions  
* Renulife Applications Of Violet Rays  
* Roche Electric Catalog  
* Scheidel Western Catalog Of X-Ray Apparatus  
* Shelton Laboratories /
  Halliwell Shelton Violet Rays 
* Sir William Crookes - On Radiant Matter  
* William Benham Snow -
  Currents Of High Potential
  Of High And Other Frequencies  
* Standard X-Ray Apparatus  
* Frederick Finch Strong - High Frequency Currents
* Swett And Lewis X-Ray Coils And Tubes  
* Thompson Plaster Manual  
* Thompson Plaster Instructions  
* VioRay Violet Ray Manual  
* Vi-Ray-O Violet Ray Manual
* Vita-Pulser Manual  
* Wagner Catalog  
* Wapa Violet Ray Cover  
* Wappler Wiring Diagrams  
* Wappler Ads
* White Cross Violet Ray  
* Sinclair Tousey Medical Electricity, Röntgen
  Rays And Radium, Revised Second Edition
                  (Individual Chapters Below)
 General Considerations
 Static Electricity
 Dynamic Electricity
 Electricity Occurring In Plants And Animals
 Physiologic Effects Of Electricity
 Ionic Medication By Electrolysis
 Examples Of Galvanic, Faradic,
 And Sinusoidal Electrotherapy
 Physiologic And Therapeutic Effects
 of Electromagnets
 Electricity In Diseases Of The Nervous System
 High-Frequency Currents
 Phenomenon Accompanying The
 Transmission Of Electricity Through Gases
 The X-Ray
 Colour Plates
Keystone Electric Company Electro-therapeutic
Appliance Catalogue
Lindstrom, Smith Co. - White Cross Vibrators
Halliwell Electric Co - How To Use Violet Rays
Excerpts from Granger - Physical Therapeutic Technique
The Improved Davis & Kidder Magneto Electric Machine
(English, Spanish, German Version)
Hoch Frequenz
Der TEFRA Apparat
Radiofor Radiolux Radiostat
Nikola Tesla Archive:  Selected Articles, Patents,
Letters, Correspondence
Nikola Trbojevich, Nikola Tesla's Nephew
Courtesy of William Terbo, Tesla's Grand-Nephew
of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.

Thomas Burton Kinraide:
Pioneer of X-Ray and High Frequency Apparatus /
Electric Discharge Photos

Cox Cavendish Catalogue of X-Ray Apparatus and Electro-
Medical Apparatus and Allied Apparatus of every description.
The Theory, Design, And Construction Of Induction Coils
by H. Armagnat
Induction Coils:  How To Make, Use, And Repair Them
by HS Norrie
Induction Coils:  A Practical Manual For The Amateur
Coil-Maker by GE Bonney
Master Electric Violet Ray - Later Green Cover Manual
Nikola Tesla Archive
Electrical Experimenter Oct 1915 - Nikola Tesla sues
Marconi; Electric Spark Pictures; Aurora Borealis; Make a
Simple Carbon Arc Lamps; Wireless Apparatus; Seeley
X-Ray Tube Patent; Etc.
A Selection of Mutoscope Cards
(including a Kellogg Tissue Oscillator)
McIntosh Portable Diathermy Cabinet #8455
HG Fischer Accessories (Diathermy, Physiotherapy)
Tri-Fold For Salt Lake City  Tesla Technology Conference

Low Resolution PDF                   High Resolution PDF
Grosse Flamme Coil Operating Instructions
1960s Master Electric / Appliance Violet Ray
Shelton High Frequency Violet Ray
For Beauty And Better Health
Audio recordings of Morris Fishbein:
"The Changing Social Order"
Letters between Dr. W. E. Steavenson
and his publisher concerning his book
about Medical Electricity...
The Large Glass Shelf
with some X-Ray Tubes, Crookes Tubes, Violet Ray
Electrodes, and various manuals...
Frank S. Betz "Betzco" Twin Pole Cabinet
Frank S. Betz became Betzco; Betzco was absorbed by A. S. Aloe; H. G. Fischer made all of their machines...?!
Norman Rockwell Visits A Family Doctor...
...with a Thompson Plaster, Fischer X-Ray
Stand, UV Lamp, and several friends doing
reproduction scenarios...
Victor Electric Archive
An original 1920s Repairman's manual!
A. S. Aloe Company Archive - Employee Photos
I wonder which of them were afraid of the "Lightning"?
Electrical Oscillators
Electrical Experimenter, July 1919
From The Collection Of Harry Goldman
Harry, I can't thank you enough for this.  I've searched years
for this issue with no luck!  For me, this is the greatest
article Tesla has ever written.  A rare look at "Tesla's Tesla Coils"
Phrenology - Psychograph
Measures the bumps on your head...made famous by
Bob McCoy and The Museum Of Questionable Medical Devices.
Fun With A Violet Ray
By popular request, here's a high resolution scan of this article...
it's a good one!
H. G. Fischer Original Blueprint Drawings
Hand-drawn in pencil, here are some wonderful rare originals.  The first page is of the familiar output connection on all Fischer Diathermy Machines for the Indifferent, Low, Medium, and
High Voltages!
H. G. Fischer Magazines
Here are records of many authentic uses of
Tesla Coils in electrotherapeutics and surgery. 

31 Original Issues from the H. G. Fischer archives!
H. G. Fischer Catalogues
A collection of rare booklets and catalogues from the archives
of H. G. Fischer.
Campbell Electric Archive
Electro-Radiation Company
Frederick Finch Strong
Frederick Finch Strong:
Electricity In Life
How To Use High Frequency Currents
In The Treatment Of Disease
Health Beauty Strength Thru Renulife Violet Rays
Fitzgerald Violet Ray Book
McIntosh Violet Ray Book
Master Electric High Frequency Violet Ray
Their last catalogue before getting shut down

for bogus claims!
Excerpts from W. H. Guilleminot "Electricity
In Medicine - Translated into English by
Deane Butcher
Waltham Watch:  Timepiece and Speedometer
For Automobiles

Modern Medical Diathermy Technics
Liebel-Flarsheim Company ("Bovie")
Electro-Therapy in the Abstract:
Thompson Plaster Editions
Frank struck gold with these two books.  These machines were all manufactured by H. G. Fischer.
Electro-Radiation Company
Frederick Finch Strong
Birtcher Vaginal and Rectal/Prostate Electrodes for Short Wave Diathermy
The Burdick Syllabus
Monthly Electrotherapeutic Physical Therapy Magazine
H. G. Fischer Combined Galvanic Sinusoidal Currents
H. G. Fischer - The Continuous Current
H. G. Fischer - Explanation Of The Electro-Diagnosis Charts
H. G. Fischer - DSP-20 Shockproof X-Ray Machine
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Instructions, Letter from VP Peter Musket
H. G. Fischer - Shockproof X-Ray Catalogue
General Electric / GE Spark Gap Shockproof Diathermy Machine
Liebel Flarsheim Short Wave Diathermy Machine and FFC Paperwork
McIntosh Sinustat and Polysine Low Voltage Generators
H. G. Fischer Research Dept.
Ogden - Treatment Of Hemorrhoids  By Galvanism
GE / Victor - Diathermy In Genito-Urinary Diseases
GE / Victor - Electro-Surgery and Electrosurgery, 2 articles.
GE/ Victor - Treatment of Tumors of the Bladder with Diathermy
Electrical Influence Machines - John Gray
The Construction Of Large Induction Coils - A. T. Hare
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet

Many thanks to the Kincaids for this booklet!
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine Manual
Fitzgerald "Star-Rite" Violet Ray Instructions:
The most unusual Violet Ray instructions ever written on paper... unusual, we've decided to call it "Star-Wrong".
From the ever-growing unusual collection of Frank Jones Rarities!

The Incredible Life Of John Worrell Keely - by
Julius Mortizen  (1899)

The Last Known Photos Of The Keely Motor
from Kinraide's Laboratory (1899)

Special Note:
The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum is honoured to
present three rare works on Lichtenberg Figures made by Danish
Scientist P. O. Pedersen.  We have obtained permission to publish
these papers from The Danish Royal Academy, who graciously sent
us uncut originals from 1919, 1922, and 1929.  These volumes are
at the museum, with PDF versions below.

We are grateful for the assistance of Danish Tesla Coiler Finn Hammer,
who has created many masterpiece Tesla Coils that included homemade
transformers and variacs that look better than those which can be
purchased new.  His amazing website is located at:

Thank You Finn, for giving us the opportunity to see and share these
wonderful documents.
(C) The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab:

Peder O. Pedersen - On The Lichtenberg Figures
Part I:  A Preliminary Investigation
(C) The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab:

Peder O. Pedersen - On The Lichtenberg Figures
Part II:
    1.  The distribution of the velocity in positive and negative figures
    2.  The use of Lichtenberg Figures for the measurement of very
          short intervals of time

(C) The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab:

Peder O. Pedersen - On The Lichtenberg Figures
Part III:  The Positive Figures
Schall & Son:  Electro-Medical Instruments And Their Management
H. G. Fischer - Fischer Accessories
H. G. Fischer - Type "FO" Therapeutic Cabinet
H. G. Fischer - Type FO & LO Electrotherapeutic Treatment Outfits
Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company Catalogue
Swett & Lewis:  The Cyclone Coil (TB Kinraide)
Burdick Short Wave Diathermy Manual
The Electron:  McIntosh Electric Monthly Bulletin
H. G. Fischer Postcards
Halliwell Shelton Vibrator Booklet
Elihu Thomson and Thomas Edison X-Ray Tubes Ad
Kinraide's Spring Park Laboratory Ad for Fluoroscopes and Screens
Dinner with William Benham Snow
Drault X-Ray Coil Booklet and Translation!
Violet Rays Aids The Life Process
This peculiar little Violet Ray book is non-descript in terms of the manufacturer.  It came with
a Viracorp ("Violet Ray Corporation") Violet Ray.  The only sign a manufacturer name was
located on the bottle of ozone inhalant in the photo - Violetta / Bleadon Dun.
Perhaps this was done in an attempt to provide literature and avoid the issues of false claims?
Campbell Model I High Frequency Coil
and X-Ray and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Crookes Tubes And Static Machines -
S. H. Monell - Feb. 6, 1897
H. G. Fischer - Simplified Manual Of X-Ray Technic
H. G. Fischer - Ultrasonics / Ultrasonic Generator
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Therapy
Compiled from recent literature (1953)


Remininiscences of a Birdman:
The Story Of Earle Lewis Ovington

In Quest Of Kinraide:
The Fourth Dimension

From the family of Thomas Burton Kinraide
Mihran Krikor Kassabian:  Röntgen Rays and
Electrotherapeutics - Many thanks Frank!
A sign of 2007:  Classic excerpts from the
Edison Archive, including "You have Tesla -
that ought to satisfy you!"
H. G. Fischer Surgical Diathermy &
Custom Electrodes Blueprints

Part I, 125 pages
H. G. Fischer - Adapters for Campbell, Waite & Bartlett,
Kelly Koett, Westinghouse, Acme, Engeln, Victor, Aloe,
Liebel Flarsheim, Bovie, etc.
A Brief Outline:  The History Of  H. G. Fischer Corp.
H. G. Fischer - Motor And Pump Instructions
H. G. Fischer / Thompson Plaster Eurisco Instructions
Dr. Howard Plank Actinctotherapy And Allied Physical Therapy /
Diathermy Hyperpyrexia Electrodes
These pages are the result of an effort to personally preserve this history.  They are not to be used
in place of medical advice, and are offered as historical artifacts only.  Some of the devices were
taken off of the market because of fraud in their claims (most Violet Rays, Electreat, etc.)  Others
were not yet aware of the dangers involved in the apparatus (esp. X-Rays), and much of the
information can harm or even kill someone if attempted.   

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