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 Thomas Burton Kinraide
 Inventor, Electrician, and Pioneer of High Frequency X-Ray Apparatus


The Quest For Kinraide (movie)
RAVENSCROFT:  The Winter Home Of Thomas Burton Kinraide
Thomas Burton Kinraide Photographs
Photos from ExtraOrdinary Technology 2005:  Public lecture about Kinraide
Kinraide's Home and Laboratory
Kinraide's Hunting Collection
Kinraide / Kinraide Coil Scans
Kinraide's Laboratory:  Recovered Materials Gallery 
Kinraide Coil restored and in operation
Some of Kinraide's 8x10 Glass Plate Negatives
Some Deeds to Kinraide property
World-Astounding Electrical Discoveries by Thomas Burton Kinraide of Jamaica Plain
Family photos of Kinraide from Don Harris
Kinraide's Gravestone in Forest Hills Cemetery
The Hermitage, Kinraide's Summer Home (burned to the ground since)
The Swett & Lewis Jackson Coil nameplate
My first visit to Jamaica Plain, Ravenscroft...
2007 Next Kinraide Adventure with Pam and Steve
2007 Jamaica Plain adventure with Steve and Steven
Kinraide and his coil making a radiograph
Portrait of Thomas Burton Kinraide from Dottie Welch