In Quest Of Kinraide:
22"x28" Electric Discharge Photos from 1899-1900

From the family of Thomas Burton Kinraide
  Original ca. 1897 Glass Plate Negatives:
A Rare Collection Of Spark Discharge Photos,
Recovered From Kinraide's Underground Laboratory

Electric Discharge Photographs by Thomas Burton Kinraide

These photos are part of a major restoration effort here at the Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum, costing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Rita and I discovered the decaying remains of the life work of one of the original pioneers of Tesla technologies and Radiography, Thomas Burton Kinraide.

We are passionately and painstakingly restoring these rare images which represent an epoch in electrical history, the likes of which can only be compared to the photographs taken by Tesla in Colorado Springs.

Kinraide, your work lives on!

137 Images
Thomas Burton Kinraide's Electric Discharge Photos:
A Selection of Exposures from  8x10 Glass Plate Negatives

47 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 11x14 Glass Plate Negatives
54 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 8x10 Glass Plate Negatives
213 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 8.5x6.5 Glass Plate Negatives
22 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 6.5x6.5 Glass Plate Negatives
44 Images
Kinraide Fragments:  Damaged 5x7 Glass Plate Negatives
4 Images
  (C) Jeff Behary 2005, c/o The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum