The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2009...
Part A

Last Updated:  15. Feb. 2009
Oxypathor / Oxydonor / Gas Pipe Therapy Excerpts
Completed Bipolar Tesla Pancake Coil - 9kV 120mA, .004 mfd, 4-series Tungsten Spark Gap
9kV 120mA Twin Pancake Tesla Coils, 9" Flat Spiral Pancakes (26 AWG)
A Selection Of Violet Ray machine name plates
AirKure Catalizer - Ozone Generator
Experiments with Lichtenberg Figures On Wax / Black Tar Composition
Unpotting And Measuring Master Violet Ray Coils
Victor High Frequency X-Ray Coil (AC or DC Version)
Mejla's New Friend Sumo
The Real Use For Brass Bed Balls
Pancake Coil Experiments
330T Pancake Coil For Producing Positive Phantom Streams with
a negatively charged ball terminal
An Account Of The Effects Of Electricity In Paralytick Cases
Benjamin Franklin, December 1757
Keely Motor Company:  1881 Minority Report To The Stockholders
John. H. Lorimer

Elihu Thomson - Wireless Transmission Of Energy
6" Pancake Coil for Producing Negative Streamers terminating in Positive Streamers
(Phantom Streams)
High Frequency Induction Coil / Bipolar Pancake Coil
Vi-Rex / Bleadon Dun Battery Operated Violet Ray (10V)
Early Westinghouse Photos from Schenectady NY
Wm. Meyers "XXX" High Frequency X-Ray Coil
Silvered Violet Ray / Diathermy Electrodes
Tribute To David Genser:  "Rayzilla" Japanese Violet Ray
H. G. Fischer Salesman Notecards
Hanovia Kromayer Lamp
Hanovia Sunette Quartz Lamp
The Scientific Healing Method - Violet Rays (Vi-Rex, Cesco, Energex, Challanger, Bleadon Dun)
Experimental Adjustable Spark Gap - Tungsten + Hydrocarbon Gas
Edwards High Frequency Coils
Featured Collector Peter Barvoets
X-Ray Pioneer Edwin Lee Edwards - Edwards Instrument / X-Ray Corp
Tesla True Wireless - Electrical Experimenter May 1919
Tricks With High Frequency Currents - Leonard Crowe
Low Voltage DC Powered Tesla Coil, using a Relay and an Electromagnet
Turpentine / Poulsen Spark Gap with 500T Pancake Coil
Powered by Microwave Oven Transformer
Turpentine / Poulsen Spark Gap - Details of 2nd Day Tests
Poulsen Arc Hydrocarbon Spark Gap - Copper-Carbon, Turpentine powered
Cip's Second Tesla Coil
Happy New Years 2009:
Twelve Foot Long Carbide Cannon
A Hint of 2009
Tesla Coil Powered By A Contactor / Relay
Hydrogen / Hydrocarbon Spark Gap
Cip's First Tesla Coil
Poulsen / Duddell Singing Arc Powered Tesla Coil - Initial Experiments

The Creation Of A Tesla Lecture Coil:
1. Universal Tesla High Frequency Lecture Coil

2. Tesla Lecture High Frequency Induction Coil - 6" Spark Capacity
3. Baby Bipolar Tesla Pancake Coils
4. Making a small 4" Pancake Coil, 1000 turn secondary coil...
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, with Water-Cooled Copper Plate Spark Gap
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, Varnished, with movie.
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