The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2009...
Part E

Last Updated:  Wednesday 16. December 2009
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Experimental Pancake Coil for producing Brush Discharges
Short Wave Diathermy Prostate Electrode

A Series Of High Resolution Electrographs recreating Tesla's Phantom Streams
Carbon Arc Lamps
Keely Motor Stock Certificate from Keely Motor Company Of Mexico
4" Induction Apparatus Powering A Tesla Coil
4" Capacity Induction Apparatus
A Simple Design For a 4 - 6" Induction Coil
A New Design Of Compact Induction Coil
A New Design Of Induction Coil
Making Spiderweb, Honeycomb, and Pancake Radio Coils
Edwards High Frequency Coil
Edwards Ads from the Edwards Family
Thompson Plaster Model E Floor Model High Frequency Physician's Cabinet
Concept For Tesla Ignition System
(based on James Seeley  and Nikola Tesla's work)
A New Design Induction Coil
Radio Inductance-Induction Coil Powered By a Low Voltage Tesla Coil Circuit To Power A High Voltage Tesla Coil
A Compact 1.5KW Tesla Coil (36" tall x 9" diameter total)
24" Discharges
Low Voltage Spark Gap Tesla Coil Operated from 240VAC Directly
8.5 mfd Motor Start Capacitor, Micrometer Spark Gap...
Low Voltage Spark Gap Experiments - Induction Coils Experiments
Tesla Coil powered Tesla Coil Experiments
Radiorayor Japanese Violet Ray
H. G. Fischer SWDI-12 Internal Components
FIRE!  Awesome testing of my latest invention:  the Super MOT.
Super MOT - Turning scrap microwave transformers into Tesla Coil transformers...
Fermented Cabbage / Saur Kraut.
Recent Spark Gaps...
James Seeley - Vulcan Coil variation
Featured Collector Ray Decker
A Selection Of Patents from James E. Seeley, Inventor Of The Vulcan Coil
and a novel system of High Frequency Ignition  Coil
Disassembling an Unpotted Neon Transformer!
Unpotting a Neon Transformer!
  Здравствуй русский территорий ...
Turn Of The Century Pickles
Halloween Tesla Coil - Housed in modern Acrylic and Polycarbonate
New Slim and Trim 3-Series Self-Cooled Spark Gaps
Tesla Clover Tube (Tesla Crookes Tube)
Crookes Paddlewheel Tube
Butterfly Crookes Tube, Catherine's Wheel, Fantasy Violet Ray Electrodes
H. G. Fischer Model 6 Ultrasonic Generator
New Spark Gaps
A Modern Steam Punk Tesla Coil In Vintage Style
GE / Victor Diathermy Machine
Surgical Diathermy In The Treatment Of Cervicitis
Electrocoagulation In Cervicitis
Electrocoagulation Of Turbinates / Joseph Jaros
Reminiscences Of A Birdman by Robert D. Campbell
The incredible story of the life of Earle L. Ovington

Every Tesla Enthusiast needs this book!
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