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Special Note:
The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum is honoured to
present three rare works on Lichtenberg Figures made by Danish
Scientist P. O. Pedersen.  We have obtained permission to publish
these papers from The Danish Royal Academy, who graciously sent
us uncut originals from 1919, 1922, and 1929.  These volumes are
at the museum, with PDF versions below.

We are grateful for the assistance of Danish Tesla Coiler Finn Hammer,
who has created many masterpiece Tesla Coils that included homemade
transformers and variacs that look better than those which can be
purchased new.  His amazing website is located at:

Thank You Finn, for giving us the opportunity to see and share these
wonderful documents.
(C) The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab:

Peder O. Pedersen - On The Lichtenberg Figures
Part I:  A Preliminary Investigation
(C) The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab:

Peder O. Pedersen - On The Lichtenberg Figures
Part II:
    1.  The distribution of the velocity in positive and negative figures
    2.  The use of Lichtenberg Figures for the measurement of very
          short intervals of time

(C) The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab:

Peder O. Pedersen - On The Lichtenberg Figures
Part III:  The Positive Figures
Schall & Son:  Electro-Medical Instruments And Their Management
H. G. Fischer - Fischer Accessories
H. G. Fischer - Type "FO" Therapeutic Cabinet
H. G. Fischer - Type FO & LO Electrotherapeutic Treatment Outfits
Scheidel-Western X-Ray Coil Company Catalogue
Swett & Lewis:  The Cyclone Coil (TB Kinraide)
Burdick Short Wave Diathermy Manual
The Electron:  McIntosh Electric Monthly Bulletin
H. G. Fischer Postcards
Halliwell Shelton Vibrator Booklet
Eight Series Adjustable Binary Spark Gap:
From .001" - .254" in .001" increments!

The Tesla High Frequency Coil:  Its Construction And Uses (1910)
By:  George F. Haller and Elmer Tilling Cunningham

Virtual 12" Feature Tesla Coil

(I decided to do a 3D rendering of this coil until I get the chance to
actually build it...)
Testing a Prototype 9" Pancake Coil with Rotary Spark Gap:  Under Oil
Testing a Prototype 9" Pancake Coil with a Rotary Spark Gap
How to wind a simple form of Pancake Coil.
Elihu Thomson and Thomas Edison X-Ray Tubes Ad
Kinraide's Spring Park Laboratory Ad for Fluoroscopes and Screens
Dinner with William Benham Snow
Drault et Raulot-Lapointe X-Ray Induction Coil
with Mercury Interrupter

This unit can be used to diagnose heart failure for all of those
that actually see it and can appreciate it!!
Drault X-Ray Coil Booklet and Translation!
The Story Of The Drault X-Ray Coil with Mercury Turbine Interrupter -
By Frank Jones
Photos of Pancake Coil constructions and apparatus...
9" Pancake Coil Test
Pancake Coil efficiency debate:  To the Tesla List
Röntgen Portraits and a letter from Coolidge to X-Ray Students
Violet Rays Aids The Life Process
This peculiar little Violet Ray book is non-descript in terms of the manufacturer.  It came with
a Viracorp ("Violet Ray Corporation") Violet Ray.  The only sign a manufacturer name was
located on the bottle of ozone inhalant in the photo - Violetta / Bleadon Dun.
Perhaps this was done in an attempt to provide literature and avoid the issues of false claims?
Sterling Violet Ray and Booklet (1915) - Longoria Electrical
Laboratories, Cleveland Ohio

This booklet is unique in many ways.  It describes some basic repairs to the machine, and
mentions surface electrodes evacuated to the X-Ray degree.  Antonio/Anthony Longoria was
known in the 30s for trying to develop a death ray.   In the late 30s he began to develop special welders for thin materials and wire mesh.  In the early days he did work for Rogers Violet Ray.
Tesla Inspired Induction Coil:  2" hot flames from a Model T Coil ran
directly from 220/240V mains!  No electronic ignition here! No circuit

board!  No soldering!  No transistors!!
Transformer-less Spark Gap Tesla Coil operated directly from 220/240V
mains!  Its possible - and here is proof and movie!
Weekend projects:
"Fitzgerald Pancake Coil": 8 Watt Tesla Coil giving 2 - 4" sparks!
Viracorp Violet Ray, Renulife Model K Violet Ray
Campbell Model I High Frequency Coil
and X-Ray and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
GE / General Electric Model E CDX Dental X-Ray
Crookes Tubes And Static Machines -
S. H. Monell - Feb. 6, 1897
 Thomas Burton Kinraide's original test equipment:
 Queen Co. Decade Box and General Radio Wave Meter
H. G. Fischer - Simplified Manual Of X-Ray Technic
H. G. Fischer - Ultrasonics / Ultrasonic Generator
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Therapy
Compiled from recent literature (1953)

Frank's Small Campbell X-Ray / High Frequency Coil

Frank made the cords and the dischargers...and that discharge
is on the LOWEST power setting!!
Remembering Vlasta:  A tribute to our departed friend.
Rita and I had many adventures with a man we met across
the world in the Czech Republic.  His life was an
inspiration to everyone who met him.  He traveled the
world and found beauty and adventure in every place he
visited...including the Electrotherapy Museum.
Winding and Testing Kinraide Coils and High Frequency
Induction Coils using traditional silk covered wire and
winding techniques...
H. G. Fischer - Adapters for Campbell, Waite & Bartlett,
Kelly Koett, Westinghouse, Acme, Engeln, Victor, Aloe,
Liebel Flarsheim, Bovie, etc.
McIntosh Kicking Coil Twin Pancake X-Ray Machine
McIntosh Diathermy Machine
My reproduction 1897 Tesla Oscillator has a new home
in Frank's collection!
Frank and his two Tesla rarities!  Westinghouse Stopper
Lamp AND the original socket!  (Check out the label!)
Tall man, tall cat, tall coil:  Frank, RT, and Welch Tesla Coil!
 Kilowatt Pancake Coil stills
Homebrew Pancake Coil for Tesla Coil builders
  Chiropractor Equipment For Sale In PA!
 William Benham Snow - Static Electricity
"White Coils":  Pancake Coils for 12"+ discharges
15 kV Pancake Coil tests - round one.
Effluves and ionizations...
And sometimes they just SING!  9" discharges from a
9" Pancake Coil.
Gas Flame-like Discharge Experiments:
Curious effects of a 9" coarse wire Pancake Coil.
20V Tests:  Operating a Tesla Coil (with a spark gap!)
at low voltage, less than 200 volts on the output of the
(normally 1000V) high voltage transformer!

Testing a 3" Pancake Coil.  A Pancake Coil built of modern
materials:  PVC, Drywall Seam Tape, Wax Toilet Rings,
Brass Tubing, and a 1.5" Steel Ball Bearing!
Electrical Discharge Phenomenon Created With Tesla Coils
(At Normal Atmospheric Pressures)
Chapter 1:  Prelude:  Photographs 2004 - 2006
Low power Tesla Coil experiments:

Static Discharges from a Pancake Coil:
Electrostatic Charging of Cardboard tube with Tesla Coil
Dedication of the Tesla Bust - St. Sava Cathedral
Sculpted by Marina Zivic, Dedicated by William

Remininiscences of a Birdman:
The Story Of Earle Lewis Ovington

Mount Dora Antique Show Feb. 2007:
Beasley Eastman Violet Ray w/ Physician's
Instructions by Noble M Eberhart ($50)
Master Violet Ray ($40)
10A Variac ($15)
Gargoyles ($300)
In Quest Of Kinraide:
Excavating history:  from 1897 to 2007

In Quest Of Kinraide:
22"x28" Electric Discharge Photos from 1899-1900

From the family of Thomas Burton Kinraide
In Quest Of Kinraide:
The Fourth Dimension

From the family of Thomas Burton Kinraide
In Quest Of Kinraide:  Feb. 2007 / May 2005:
Recovered coils and misc. items
H. G. Fischer Surgical Diathermy &
Custom Electrodes Blueprints

Part I, 125 pages
The Wall Of Earle L. Ovington...

Movie:  Thomas Burton Kinraide Reproduction:
Extension-Less Point - Limit-less Plane Spark Gap
with 14" Pancake Coil

Reproduction Kinraide Spark Gap:
"Extension-less Point - Limitless Plane Gap"
Kinraide Static Electric Tests...
Partial Static Electricity from a Tesla Coil


Surprise Surprise from Frank! 
*** Tesla - Westinghouse Stopper Lamp *** !!!!

Mihran Krikor Kassabian:  Röntgen Rays and
Electrotherapeutics - Many thanks Frank!
  A Series Of High Resolution Spark Photos:
Kilowatt Kinraide Coil Flames
Kinraide-Jackson Brush Discharges
Kinraide-Jackson Wispy Discharges
Neon Pancake Discharges
Rotary Spark Gap Pancake Coil Discharges
Strong-Ovington Arcs Sparks and Flames
Strong-Ovington Disk Effluves
Strong-Ovington Ladder of Sparks
Strong-Ovington Press Photos
Strong-Ovington High Resolution Photo
New Years Eve - 2007
Fireworks of a different sort.
New Years Eve-Eve 2007
A typical weekend.
A sign of 2007:  Classic excerpts from the
Edison Archive, including "You have Tesla -
that ought to satisfy you!"
Christmas 2006:  Earle Ovington Photos,
and an original Keely Motor Stock...
Griffith Park Tesla Coil and Reproductions:
Just some of the brilliant work of Bill Wysock
Complete Strong-Ovington Demo Apparatus
Prototype Strong-Ovington Apparatus:
Dr. Strong's Condenser Terminal's!
Complete Half Size Tesla Induction Coil:
An interesting look at a classic forgotten
Tesla Coil design.

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