The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2008...
Part B

Last Updated:  2. November 2008
NEW: We now have an OFFICIAL INDEX of the museum!
High Frequency Alternator - Frank W. Harth
Inductances For Radio Laboratory Work - W. B. Sleeper
Nikola Tesla at Niagara Falls
Phantom Streamers finally photographed!
Recreating Kinraide-Jackson Experiments, ca. 1904
Dopis po česk - Letter in Czech
Partially Rectifying Tesla Coil Outputs - Point - Plane Collector Tests - Test 1...
Partially Rectifying Tesla Coil Outputs - Point-Plate Spark Gaps, Point-Plane Dischargers
More Sparks!
Reproduction Kinraide Coil even nearer completion!
Reproduction Kinraide Coil nearing completion...12" Spark Capacity
YouTube Video of Kinraide Coil Reproduction Testing...
Kinraide Coil, Jackson Coil, Cyclone Coil, Ajax Coil Ads
High Frequency Currents - Dr. E. T. Nealey
Dr. Thos Blair - The X-Ray In Country Practice
The Ultra Violet Rays - Swett & Lewis / Kinraide UV Lamp
High Tension Condensers - Curtis Kissel
Tesla Coil - Horace Brooks
Western Coil Co Violet Ray
Unusual Brooklyn Violet Ray
2200V 200kW Westinghouse Alternator - Still in use!
Bert Hickman - Stoneridge Engineering - Lichtenberg Figures and Shrunken Quarters!
A Special Visit from Bob and Rosemary Campbell
Westinghouse Fair World - World's Fair 1939 - Original Newspaper!
Cold Sparks
Hot Sparks
Gallery of Reproduction Kinraide Coil Testing Photos
Semi-finished Kinraide Coil - Bondo mould of familiar shape...testing photos and movie.
Testing Reproduction Kinraide Coil II - 3 Movies
Reproduction Kinraide Coil II - Multilayered Pancake Coil
Water-Cooled Quenched Spark Gap for Tesla Coils
Thomas Burton Kinraide Reproduction!

29. June 2008 - 81 Years Today Thomas Burton Kinraide died -
We decided to wind a Kinraide Coil as a tribute.  It was an all-day affair,
and well worth the effort.

Endless thanks to Frank Jones who had the special triple silk-covered wire custom made!
RAVENSCROFT:  The Winter Home Of Thomas Burton Kinraide
Spark Gaps Running In Liquids
Quenched Spark Gap - Wireless Gap
Plans to build a Quenched Spark Gap - Chas Ballantine - Electrical Experimenter March 1917
Alastair's awesome McIntosh High Frequency Portable X-Ray Machine

26. June Tests:

18" Tall 4.5" OD Tesla / Oudin Coil with 6" Copper Sphere Top Load
(2) 3.5" OD x 16" Tall Wax-Impregnated Tesla Coils with 6" Copper Sphere Top Loads
Tesla / Oudin Coil with 6" Copper Sphere
Marty Huff's Frank S Betz 1910 Portable High Frequency X-Ray Unit

DeMooy Violet Ray, Binary Adjustable Doorknob Cap, Graham, Mejla, Life from June 1 - June 14
WESTINGHOUSE!  DVD - Featuring Tesla's Grand-Nephew, William Terbo
Capacitance, Inductance, Frequency:  9" Pancake Coil Reference Booklet
(PDF Format)
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